Sunshine 21/366

It may have been cold today, yet I have proof that the sun was still around, even if it didn’t warm us up.

Picture 21/366


Some Art work

For today’s 366 I’ve decided to snap a pic of some more of my art work! This picture was drawn a few years back, I have no clue what my inspiration was, I think I just went through this stage of drawing the human body, only on a sexier scale.

My image 20/366 enjoy.

What’s on your MP3 player (or in my case iPhone)

When I discovered that I had been tagged in this musical meme by the lovely ‘jbmumofone‘ my heart sunk! At first I feared no one would ever speak to me again, what if they discovered some of the horrid outdated trash on my iPod?

ipod shuffle loja online leilao

Here’s why, just check out the rules…

  • Pop your MP3 player on Shuffle
  • Inform your lovely readers of the first five tunes…AND NO CHEATING
  • Tag another few lovely bloggers to do the same.

Now… I do have some pretty awesome tunes on my iPod, yet there are a few that I prefer to keep under wraps. What if I ended up with a load of cheese? Worse still, I could reveal my Pavarotti collection (Oops, like I just did)! If the truth be told I love a whole range of music, I live and breathe the stuff! TV has nothing on music and I simply couldn’t live without my iPod (aka iPhone)… and that’s a fact! So, with batted breath with iPhone in hand I load the iPod and hit the shuffle button, here’s the results…

Track 1: DJ DEE KLINE – I don’t smoke (Original mix)

Track 2: Divine Inspiration – The way (Put your hand in my hand) from classic big tunes album

Track 3: 2PC & Danny Boy – I ain’t mad at cha  (Edited) (R&B Classics Collection)  Could only put the radio edit on here (in case of younger readers lol)

Track 4: Aaron Hall – I miss you  (R&B Classics Collection) Now this is classic R&B from the 90’s lol.

Track 5: Gnarls Barkley – Smiling faces (Album St Elsewhere) Still love this tune, cheers me up no end when blasting down my ear carnal.

Now… I tag…

The new queen of music: Romanian Mum, Catwomen95, Bloggomy

My Cute Little Blog Award

I was recently tagged to receive a very cute little blog award called the “Cherry on top” award, given to me by the fabulous Catwomen95, who at just 16 years old is embarking on the path of blogging and is doing a fabulous job of it. Catwomen95 blogs over at “A life worth living” a brilliant blog with some awesome daily pictures posted.

It’s been awesome writing this new blog, as I’m finding that as well as my regular readers over at “A boy with Aspergers” I’m also accruing a whole host of different readers here on a “Mummy of many talents” from all ends of the world and I’m quite enjoying discovering some fab blogs and lovely bloggers along the way.

So here are the rules of accepting the Cherry on top award..

  • First you must Thank the blogger who sent it… “Thank you Catwomen95” 🙂
  • Next you must list three things you love about yourself. Umm, 1) I love that I have made such beautiful children 2) I love that I discovered my love for blogging and stuck with it for the past 3+ years 3) I love that I’m non judgemental… something I’ve learnt to be given I have a child with autism and therefore hate being judged!
  • Next you must post a picture you love (see below)
  • Lastly you must pass this award on to 5 more awesome bloggers (see my chosen five below)!

MY CHOSEN PICTUREYes, to chose a picture was pretty hard as I love many as there more than just pictures, they are beautiful memories. I went with this one as I truly love the colours and the fact it was taken trough glass but still came out so clear, totally amazes me (taken at London Zoo September 2011).

So… I pass this mini award onto these fab, talented bloggers…

  1. Romanian mum in London
  2. Bloggomy
  3. Mummybird
  4. Boo, Roo and Tiger Too
  5. Eviesgran

Nine today 19/366

Today it was my beautiful daughters 9th birthday and we headed off to the ‘Build A Bear’ store in Bromley Kent. Joining us was her Little best friend, her younger brother Harley and my niece Amy-Leigh. Big brother stayed at home with daddy, to old for building a teddy bear (well, so he tells me)! Here’s an image from the day.

Messy Babes – my entry to the messiest kids competition

So, this is me trying to bag myself a £75 amazon voucher as part of the Appliances Online messiest kids competition, hosted over on the fantastic blog Me, The Man & The Baby (please check out her blog to see some other fabulous entries). So, the task was to upload a picture of our children at their messiest! Of course I chose one of my youngest “Harley” this is one that I love, he was having a right old chocolate feast here.

Not a great picture given it was taken from the iPhone, but It still shows his chubby chocolate cheeks, that I love. Oh and before anyone asks… This is not a little girl, lol! He has much shorter hair now, which was down to daddy not me 😦

The one where toys get stuck in the fire 18/366

Harley seems to think it’s a great idea to post his Wow figures and John Crane wooden animals down the front of the fire! This means mummy will have to unscrew the glass panel in-order to free them! Thanks Harley, you little darling!