I’m joining in 1/366

WI recently learnt about a great photo project called 365 days (only this year it’s 366, due to the leap year).

A wonderful lady who blogs at The boy and me very kindly filled me in on how it’s done! Basically, the challenge is to post one picture on the blog every day for 366 days, the only catch is, this needs to be a picture you took that day! Now it may seem easy, yet, there are days when I just don’t feel like I took that perfect shoot, or have the motivation to try to take one worthy  of a share! Nonetheless, I’m always up for the challenge, whether I get far is yet to be seen, getting past the first week would be a start! I wanted to start on the first day of January and that of course didn’t happen, so here’s mine, my first picture of 366 (we hope)!

Well, this is how you will find me after a good old day parenting my kids! So… what do you think? 

7 thoughts on “I’m joining in 1/366

  1. Sounds great, it would be great to look back at your photos in December and see what you were up to every day- a photo diary.
    I would love to join in too. What do I do?

    • Hi Angela
      I’ve been told it’s not to late to join so despite being 10 days behind millions of others I’m giving it a whirl.Just post a total of 366 photos one every day for 366 days (something you captured that same day) its it. Sounds simple through I almost forgot to post Picture number two lol. x

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