A toddler, A Puppy & A Football 11/366

Well, I wasn’t stuck for inspiration today, I actually had a difficult job choosing which picture would make it here on the blog as todays 11th picture in the 366 photo project. My toddler, “Harley” 2 and my mum’s adorable 6 month old puppy “Angel” gave me plenty of picture-taking inspiration as they played football in the garden together, (well, I say football, though it was more a case of the puppy refusing to drop the ball)!

I absolutely adore this shoot! Harley is on his knees in the mud and is now ready to set chase! I love the way you can almost feel the speed in which the puppy is jetting off across the garden, ball firmly between gritted teeth.

Its images like this one that create beautiful lasting memories… Priceless!

Yep… this has to be my favourite picture of the project so far.

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20 thoughts on “A toddler, A Puppy & A Football 11/366

    • The Scarf is part of a set (3 piece) comes with hat and gloves too. Its his fav, George Pig and it was half price in the jan sales from Sainsbury’s, at just £4.50 from £9.00. The Coat was my best find! It was brand new in a charity shop up the coast, got it when we went away in December.xx

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