Winter Flowers 12/366

My 12th picture in the 366 project is of the winter flowers that sit in the centre of our dinning table. The thing is, I brought these fresh flowers one week before Christmas 2011 and its now the 21st of January and these super flowers are still living! Maybe this is normal but in my experience, flowers never past the 2 week mark in this house (with 2 weeks being considered a long period of time in my book)! I’ve done nothing special in regards of their care, they have lived so long that I’ve had to refill the vase with water three or four times as these hungry festive flowers have drunk it all up over the past month! The only explanation I have is maybe it was the food that came with them (you know, the little sachet of plant food that you get when you buy them)! Does anybody else ever find there fresh flowers last for such long periods of time? 

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