Kids get crafting with Tiny Tigs

I love crafting especially with the children.

My eldest child isn’t as keen, though my daughter and toddler seem to love crafts just as much as I do. So when asked to review a craft subscription kit from Tiny Tigs we happily accepted.

Now we’ve reviewed a few subscription kits and these can be found over on my other blog. So for us, tiny tigs isn’t a first.

It’s quite apparent that the idea of subscription crafts is becoming quite a popular choice for parents, especially the non crafty or working parent.

Tiny Tigs is aimed at children age 3+ though it’s my opinion that younger children will need a little help to complete projects. Alice is 9 so had no difficulties whatsoever when working with Tiny Tigs.

Each month your sent out a letter box friendly Tiny Tigs addressed to your little ones. This box contains three individually sealed craft activities complete with all the materials required to complete all projects (with the exception of glue). The instructions are very visual which is always a bonus for children, especially those with SEN (special educational needs) they find things much easier this way.

Children’s scissors along with felt tip pens are supplied with your first Tiny Tigs delivery and then every 6 months thereafter.

We received the Tiny Tigs kit for August and I was really impressed with the 3 projects on offer. As mentioned each project is individually sealed and within each you get your instructions and all that’s needed for each craft. This is ideal as this way everything is kept together in one place making it much simpler for children to navigate from task to task.

The projects were excellent and I felt these were very well suited to my daughters age and interest, though it’s my opinion that those children maybe younger than 5-6 would require a lot more help.

The project Alice loved most was that of making her own fashionable shoes. This was an awesome little kit and she really enjoyed this one.



Next up Alice-Sara completed project number 2 with a little help from the toddler. This was a visual weather chart. This is much easier than the shoes and I suspect that children as young as 4 could complete this with little help.


I love the weather chart as it reminds me a lot of the visual aids I make for my eldest child who has Aspergers Syndrome. It works in the same way as a visual timetable. It uses the same velcro technique allowing children to change the weather symbols with ease.

Last project was a really funky memo board. Alice-Sara and the toddler did this together. However they never completed the project as the toddler was so fascinated by the spoon people that he screamed every time Alice tried to attach the pecs and other parts. It was therefore decided to let him be. A week on the toddler is still having fun with his spoon people.


There are some great benefits to subscribing to the Tiny Tigs programme. For non crafty parents it gives children who want to be creative and get crafting, the opportunity to do so, all mum needs to supply is the glue. All projects are individually sealed so can act as a boredom buster during long car journeys, sleep-overs, holidays, visits to granny and granddads and where ever else you like. What’s more your only sent the materials you require each month so your not left trying to store it all. Tiny Tigs are also a fantastic gift idea that gives children something to look forward to each month.

If like me you are a crafty mum you’ll properly find you already have more than enough craft materials to keep the kids busy. However, you should remember that it’s not just the materials being supplied by Tiny Tigs but the inspiration too. These are all crafts that have been tried and tested by the creator and her children so you know each project has been created with lots of care and attention.

The Tiny Tigs monthly subscription fee is a very reasonable £11 (you the option of cancelling anytime)!
The longer subscription you get the better it is in terms of value! For example a 6 month gift pack is available for £60 & a 12 month gift pack for £108.
Every new subscriber also receives a free PVC painting coat.

Whats more all the above pricing includes your postage and packing,

In comparison with the other subscriptions we’ve tried I found that the price was much more realistic. This is the first that has been letter box friendly too. The package arrives flat packed which is also better for storing the crafts In till ready to use.

The individually sealed projects are also a fabulous idea as it stops the children from becoming confused at what goes with what! I’ve experienced this feature with only one other subscription kit we’ve tried.

Tiny Tigs was the least visually inviting in terms of box presentation etc… But it was much more practical and for a busy mum with not enough storage solutions, practical was much better suited. I guess it just depends if you want that whole wow factor in terms of presentation.

Tiny Tigs like all other kits I’ve tried used great quality materials, though there is no extras (one I reviewed came with extra craft materials, a beautiful story book and a card game) though this was reflected within its price tag. You must also remember that getting these extras on a monthly basis means your once again presented with that all to familiar storage problem.

Tiny Tigs provides all that it states it will. Nothing less, nothing more.Yet, the inspiration within the craft projects it offers are in my opinion fantastic. It’s something I’m actually considering, even as a crafty mum.

Tiny Kids are offering readers of Mummy of Many Talents a lovely discount… 3 months for £30 & 6 months for £50


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