The JooMo Skin Test

My Beauty regime in terms of skin care consists of soap free products designed for sensitive skin.

Despite having skin that is prone to Eczema, growing up, the appearance of my facial skin was always really good! I was never one for rashes or sports (maybe the odd pimple when it was that time of the month but nothing more)! However, now at 30 years of age, my skin isn’t as great as it used to be. I guess the stress and late nights don’t help either! Lately I’ve noticed that my is much more sensitive, as well as drier and as a result I’ve noticed the never ending outbreaks of them pesky little white pimples (known to many as the White Head).

Over the last few months it seems my skin is getting worse, what with the suns UV rays and the constant application of sun cream, I feel my skin is suffocating!

Lately, I’ve had to reframe from wearing foundation or liquid make up and have instead been applying tinted moisturiser and even though I’m not having as many flair ups my skin is still not great and I feel I’m just holding the problem off rather than combating it.

Another complaint I have is that of a cyst just above my left cheek born which required a biopsy. Despite it growing rapidly while pregnant and the chance that due to its location and exposer to the sun, it has a increased risk of turning cancerous, the NHS are still currently stating there are no funds to remove it. Honestly… Don’t get me started on this one! Another post maybe.

When I was contacted by a representative for a new skin care brand called JooMo, I was intrigued to learn more.

JooMo is the first ever 100% natural face wash that uses a SaponinJTM formulation that treats severe acne, eczema, and a number of other skin conditions.The Co-Founder Linda Russell developed a skin allergy in 2008 and set out on a quest to find a skincare regime to aid her suffering. Following a two year investigation of prescribed skincare treatments, using leading natural brand names and even embarking on scientific and historical research, including Chinese methods, Linda and her partner developed JooMo and her skin has never looked better!

Does it sound to good to be true? I’m a person who believes in evidentialism which basically means, “Show me the hard evidence then i’ll believe it!” JooMo have been so kind to send me a bottle so… I guess i’ll soon find out if it does what it claims to do.

I’ve been using JooMo for a week now and my skin is less dry and it seems to have a certain glow about it. I haven’t developed anymore pimples using this face wash and certainly feel more fresh faced. I’m hoping that JooMo is giving me a really deep clean and will bring any impurities to the surface of the skin. That’s the thing with having these tiny white nasties, “they are not overly noticeable” that is unless you look more closely. However I know they are there. They leave my skin with an uneven texture and my normal makeup products don’t seem to sit well. I’ve ditched the tinted moisturiser since I started using JooMo as to really let my skin breathe and see if the product makes any difference to my existing skin complaint.


JooMo is designed exclusively for young sensitive skin (yes, I’m still only 30 so, no wise cracks please)! It smells truly wonderful with its natural fragrance of honey and oranges. The packaging is funky and inviting and comes in a handy handbag friendly 100ml squeeze tube and can be brought for £4.75 by visiting the JooMo websites product page at

Already, I do love the way JooMo leaves my skin feeling refreshed and verily cleaned. Here’s hoping that it’s special ingredient of ‘Saponin J” is working it’s magic beyond the top few layers of the skins surfaces, therefore banishing those pesky little white heads for good.

For now that’s all… But I’ll be back to report on how it’s going in a week or two with an updated picture from the one below. Be sure to pop back and check it out.


This is not a sponsored post and i did not receive payment to write this. However I did receive a sample of the product as to allow me to give my honest feedback with readers.

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