WowFx Your Photos

I love taking pictures but to be honest I’m no David Bailey!

Nonetheless I give it my best shot… Quite literally! I do so because I enjoy it and I hope this comes through on a lot of my images.

I’m a huge fan of instagram and given I’ve not been a member all that long I’ve got a considerable amount of images on my profile.

Lately I’ve discovered a pretty cool photo app for the iPhone. It’s one that takes photo editing to a different level. I’m not just talking about filters but in this case ‘Special effects’!

It was while browsing the App store that I came across Wowfx and thought I’d give it a go.

You can chose to add any of the 100 effects to any of your photos. Opt for just one or add a whole host of them. Once your done with your added effects your given the option to change your filter and then save to your phone or share with numerous social media sites including instagram.

I was pretty impressed by the results and actually found myself becoming a little addicted to the thing!

I did everything from adding a few lifelike effects to give an image that certain wow factor, to just being super crazy by taking my image and making it that outrageously OTT.

Here’s a selected few…

20120918-051226.jpgPixie Magic

Above is an image of my daughter Alice-Sara in her pretty Pixie dress. Her I’ve just added the coloured specs as an overlay and then simply changed the filter to a much softer setting.

20120918-051511.jpgLondon Eye In Lights

All I’ve done here is added the colours that are falling from the Eye. The lighted wheel is not edited. This just shows how one simple effect can change a whole image to make it something interesting.

20120918-051808.jpgA Burning Brighton

The non edited version…


I wanted to show you the non edited version of this picture so you can see just how far you can go with your effects if your brave enough. 🙂


Again we have Alice-Sara. Just the added effect of the falling light really makes this image an eye catcher. It needs nothing else.

Here’s another image that was spiced up with just a few simple effect….



Below is an image of Southends seafront and amusement park. I went all out with this image and decided to create a scene of chaos…


Here’s one of my favourites! It’s a simple goldfish in his goldfish bowl that’s played victim to my makeover obsession this time…

20120918-053222.jpgSomething Fishy

This one is brilliant, all I did was add a few lighted circles to create the illusion of bubbles…

20120918-053416.jpgForever Blowing Bubbles

And the two images below highlight my love of fireworks quite nicely…

20120918-053608.jpgGuy-forks Returns

20120918-053726.jpgA London Display

The first out the two images (Guy-Forks Returns) has the added effect of the firework as well as the brightly lit moon. The second (A London Display) has nothing more than the firework added to the scene. The image has then been out through a filter before finally being saved.

Lastly here’s My youngest with my niece at the Lollibop festival this August…


The reflecting rainbow colours on the grass is the only effect added to this image.

So, what do you think? So many people have asked me “Is that an app?” and “Where can I find it?” that’s why I’ve decided to share some of my amazing images along with the link so you can have a go too!

Download Wowfx from the App store Here

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