A Tantrum With A Groovy Twist

Ok as a mother of three, a son with Asperger’s syndrome, daughter of 9 going on 19 and a toddler putting me though my paces as he experiences the terrible twos, I sure am used to a tantrum or two.

Yet, though its extremely rare that one would see a funny side to this… After all why would you? I have discovered a way to convert it into something epic.

While I was messing around with an App I’d just downloaded from the iTunes App Store on my iPhone, the toddler decided to have a mini blow out for no specific reason (as 2 year olds tend to do). The funny thing was the app I was messing with was that of ‘Just Dance 3‘ the auto dance app that claims that just about anybody can dance.

Well, I was just about to scrap the mini clip I’d filmed due to the toddlers sudden outburst when I decided to take a peek at it before binning it! I’m actually rather glad I did! Why? Because this is what I saw…

See, anybody can dance… Even during a tantrum!

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