Christmas Crafts With Baker Ross Ltd

Its no secret how much I love Baker Ross, a truly wonderful craft supplier who simply have everything for ones crafting needs. Whether its gloppy glue, sequins or 3d paint your after, then you’ll find they have all these and more at their online store.

Baker Ross also supply a huge range of craft kits which are fantastic for kids. Better still they are really reasonably priced. For each season or holiday Baker Ross Ltd bring out some fabulous seasonal craft kits and one we recently tried was the 3D Reindeer and Sleigh Foam Kit that you can buy in packs of 2 for £2.50 or 10 for £11.00.


What’s really great about this kit is that each one is individually packed so these could be added to party bags or shared between friends etc… The kit itself consists of a number of foam parts that require popping out and slotting together. The googly eyes, reindeer nose and the stars that decorate the sleigh are all self adhesive so no glue is required.



Everything you need to construct this 3D Reindeer and Sleigh is in the kit. Its simple to construct and Alice-Sara made one easily. These look great dotted around the house as decoration or like the toddler you can sit playing with them for hours.


Check out the many Pre-prepared craft kits and more over at Baker Ross Ltd online


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