How Too Make A Vintage Layered Jewellery Stand

For sometime now I’ve been collecting pretty little vintage saucers in an array of colours and sizes. As mentioned on here before, there has been a reason for my forming collection and here it is…


This idea came to me from a lovely book called “Home Made Gifts Vintage Style” that was given to me as a gift from the lovely people at ‘Smart Shoppers’ back in the summer. I’d already collected a few pretty vintage saucers by this time, though I had no idea what I wanted to do with them.

This particular jewellery stand only requires 3 saucers, so with those I have remaining, I’m planning on making a pretty vintage cake stand.

So, to make one of these pretty shabby chic jewellery stands you will need…

3 Vintage saucers in graduating sizes
2 Little sherry glasses or small crystal vases
Some strong clear drying adhesive ( I’ve used fast drying Copydex)!
A small glue brush.



The method is really rather simple…

First take your largest saucer and glue the base of the glass to the middle of the saucer.


Next you need to take the slightly smaller saucer and glue the bottom middle section to the glasses brim.


You then take your second glass and glue its bottom to the second saucer.


The last step is to simply glue the bottom of your smallest saucer to the brim of the second glass.

You should have now created a tiered stand that graduates in size.


For such a simple idea that’s easy to create, it really is rather effective!


Especially once its been loaded with sparkle.


Anyone else created one of these pretty stands or anything similar? I’d love to hear what you’ve been creating. If not, why not give it a try yourself? It really is an easy project to undertake.


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