How Too Make Twinkly Star Christmas Decorations

I’ve been in a real festive mood this week. Ok there is that stress that I haven’t yet got my Christmas shopping, but I’ve been feeling pretty festive all the same.

The Christmas tree is up and myself and the children have been enjoying lots of Christmas crafts.

We have made some beautiful tree decorations that look fantastic. Normally I have a particular colour theme that I follow, but this year anything goes.

I recently brought some paper mâché decorations ready to paint or Decopatch. I’ve been doing both of these techniques and had some great results.

In this post I wanted to share the hanging stars we have made for the tree. These are properly the most simplistic we have made out them all.


What I used…

Paper mâché decorations (2x Stars)
Blue metallic pearlised acrylic paint
Blue extra fine glitter
Gold tissue paper
pearlescent white tissue paper
Glue (clear drying)
Glossy Decopatch Glue (or make your own with watered down PVA and glitter)

Paint and glue brushes
Heart punch (small)

To Make The Blue Star…

The blue star is really very simply to make. First you must paint your star in blue metallic pearlised paint. Give this two coats either side. The paint we used is pretty fast drying.

Once your star is dry, with a thin paint/glue brush apply clear drying glue around the edge of the star (as to create a boarder). I just used some of my Decopatch glossy glue for this.

Now sprinkle the fine blue glitter over the star, banging of any excess glitter afterwards. Allow to dry then do the same on the other side.


Once dry cover in a vanish. I again used my Decopatch glossy glue. This is just like PVA but dries clear and glossy.


That’s it… Very simple. The metallic pearlised paint and fine glitter give the star real sparkle. When the Christmas tree lights are on, the star really twinkles, looking very Christmasy.


To Make the Gold Decopatch Star…

For this I used some gold tissue paper that I cut into small pieces. I then glued each piece (using Decopatch glossy glue) onto the star using the Decopatch technique.


To Decopatch, you must paint the glossy glue direct onto the star, then add the pieces of tissue paper making sure they overlap. You must add another layer of glue over the top of each piece of the tissue paper like you would when making something from paper mâché. Build up over a number of layers (we did two layers). Glossy glue gives a really shiny vanished finish and although this is white on application, it dries clear.


Work on both sides of your star. Try to do this at the same time (instead of allowing one side to dry before applying to the other)! You can do this by holding your star by its points. Work quickly to avoid glue drying and your fingers ripping the tissue paper.

Once you have covered the star in your gold tissue paper allow it to dry by hanging it somewhere out of reach, a place it won’t be knocked or touched.

I left my star for a around 3 hours. However if you can do this before bed, you can be confident that it will be ready for the next stage by morning.

Now use you heart punch, to punch some hearts from some pearlescent white tissue paper. Apply the hearts to your star by carefully pasting them on with glossy Decopatch glue.


Allow to dry for a few more hours then hang on your Christmas tree.


These are great homemade decorations. They are easy enough for kids to make too. Although smaller children may need some help with the Decopatch star.


Also you may have noticed that I’ve used tissue paper instead of Decopatch paper. I do love Decopatch paper and it does leave an amazing finish. However, Decopatch Papers are not cheap (almost £4 for 3 sheets). Tissue paper that is very glossy and shiny works really well especially for small objects like these decorations. I got mine from poundland. There was a good selection in the pack, including pearlescent glitter speckled paper and more.

The metallic pearlised paint is from Baker Ross Ltd and the fine glitter is again from PoundLand. I brought the Paper Mâché decorations and heart craft punch from eBay but u can find these at many craft stores both on and offline (Hobbycraft stock heart a craft punch plus for the stars rucraft online do some really similar stars by Decopatch).

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