The Alternative To Christmas Crackers

Although I love crackers and have actually started making my own, some people may just fancy a change or something else to sit beside their crackers at the table this Christmas.


Well, with some Paper Doyleys you can create something lovely to wow your guest.

You will need small Paper Doyley, use one for each dinner guest (we used white as it was all we had but red, green, gold and silver would be most festive).

Black ribbon (unless you are working with a different colour scheme). You will need around 10 cms per doyley.

Black bow embellishments (one per doyley)

Small white buttons (one per doyley)

Small gift tags with thread (I got my black and white bow tags ready made from PoundLand) but these are easily made with some card

Medium sized white button (one per guest)

Decopatch glossy glue (or other)

Glue Brush
Glue dots

Role your Doyley into a cone shape using glue dots to secure.


Take the ribbon and thread it through a few of the Holes on the top of the doyley

Tie a bow at the top as to create a hanging loop.

Now cover the doyley in glossy glue avoiding the ribbon. Hang and leave to dry for one hour.

Once dry the doyley will display a shiny almost plastic coating. It will feel stronger and much less flimsy.


Now stick with glue dots your black bow embellishment where the cone joins (a few cms from the top).

Now with a glue dot stick a small white button on top of the bow.


Now take gift tag and tie thread around the button on the bow. So that the tag isn’t just hanging with the button being its only source of support, place a glue dot in the centre on the back of the tag and secure to the cones body.

Now add guest name to front of tag as opposed to the back which is now stuck to your cone.

Lastly stick the medium size button to the centre of the bow you tied in black ribbon.


Told you it was easy. These could also be made for other occasions such as weddings and parties.


Fill with anything your heart desires and hang on the chair of your guest or place in the centre of a dressed plate.



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