Kids Christmas Crafts – Hanging Paper Plates

Here we have a really simple Christmas craft activity for crafty kids.

Both my 9 year old daughter and the toddler who is 3 next month, were keen to get creative with paint and paper plates.


After a bit of a think Alice-Sara came up with the idea of making some hanging window or ceiling decorations.

What the children used…

Large Paper Plates
Selection of paints
Little glitter
Sticky Gems.

How too make your own.

The method was really very simple take a big paper plate & fold it in half. No snip a little hole around 3 cms from the edge. Then cut out some more shapes, diamonds or stars… Whatever you fancy!

Now unfold your plate which should now reveal a beautiful pattern.

Its now time to get creative with some paints. Add some glitter too if desired (it is Christmas after all)! Once complete leave to dry.



Once dry add some sticky gems to decorate and thread some Christmassy ribbon through the hole.

Tie the ribbon at the end and then hang from window pane or ceiling.



Its as easy as that!

You can add anything you like to your plates. Maybe some feathers, bows or lollypop sticks…. Be as creative as you like.

Remember the plates will spin and twist around so you may want to cover both sides of your plate in your Christmassy designs.


Well done Alice and Harley Mummy loves your Christmassy Decs


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