Just after Christmas I was given the opportunity to review some haircare products by DGJ ORGANICS (aka Daniel Galvin Junior).

I was sent a lovely bundle of their newest products consisting of… DGJ ORGANICS HAIRJUICE clarifying shampoo and clarifying conditioner and a bottle of their new Berutti Oil.


DGJ offer a whole host of affordable haircare products from shampoos to hair treatments. They have some great product lines for both adults and children.


Clarifying Shampoo & Clarifying Conditioner – This shampoo and the conditioner have both been designed to revitalise and cleanse the hair to remove build up and impurities. The products are made up of essential oils with HAIRJUICE containing organic mandarin and rose extracts (that I must add smelt beautiful)!

I used to use a fair amount of styling products on my hair which often lead to build up making the hair quite limp & greasy. Nowadays I’m a tad kinder to my hair, though I’m still using the GHDs quite regularly which leads me to use hair straightening creams and heat protection sprays. I guess the worst thing I still do to my hair on a regular basis is bleaching it! A few weeks and a number of washes following my colour application I’ve noticed that my hair tends to become rather dry and straw like. With this I was keen to give the OGJ HAIRJUICE a go to see what it could do for me.

Firstly, A little shampoo goes a long way! This is a shampoo that really lathers up well when applied to wet hair. (Some natural haircare products can often fail to do this due to there natural ingredients). As I massaged the shampoo into my scalp it was hard not to notice the incredible fresh scent of mandarin oozing through the air. It really is a beautiful fresh smelling scent that instantly makes you feel clean just by smelling it. I let the shampoo sit on my hair for a few minutes to work its magic, before finally rinsing well with warm water, ready for the application of the conditioner.

The conditioner, as mentioned above contains the same essential oils and organic ingredients as the clarifying shampoo. It has the same beautiful scent and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky when applied to the hair. I always roughly towel dry my hair following a shampoo and before conditioning, as I think this really helps the hair to absorb the conditioner therefore getting the maximum benefit. Once I’d applied I massaged the conditioner well into my hair paying particular attention to the ends which tend to be the driest part of my hair. I then left the conditioner sitting on my hair for around 5 minutes before finally rinsing it off.


My hair was definitely left feeling very fresh and smelling sensational. With this, I left my hair to dry naturally. This seemed the best idea given I had no place to be and didn’t fancy applying any more heat damage to my hair via the hairdryer.

Admittedly, my hair did frizz a little but this was solely because I’d decided to dry it the natural way.

Looking in the mirror I noted how my hair looked much brighter since using the HAIRJUICE. It had noticeably more shine and looked much healthier than it had before. My hair felt light and bouncey and regardless of any frizz it also felt quite manageable.

I’m a girl who 99% of the time washes her hair on a daily basis. Given I was reviewing the products I felt it would be much better to purposely avoid doing this so I could see how my hair was holding up at least 24 hours following application. The results were surprising, my hair still looked reasonably bright and healthy when usually it would be absolutely crying out for a re-wash right now.

HAIRJUICE is a great product, one designed for all hair types even that of coloured hair. The conditioner did particularly well when it came to restoring moisture to my hair. I can actually say that since using HAIRJUICE my hair has really started to soften up. Considering this isn’t a repair or intense treatment I’m pleased by this result.

The Berutti oil is another of DGJ’s new products. This oil that has been formulated to help nourish and restore healthy hair, and contains the ingredient of organic Argan Oil.

Now… This is quite simply wonderful! Initially I was a little unsure about using the Berutti oil! The word “Oil” alone made me want to run a mile. I just don’t have good experiences with oil based products, its probably due to me applying way to much as I always look as if my hair has gone all limp and greasy. However, this really wasn’t the case with the Berutti Oil and we can safely say that “Yes, I am a fan” This is like magic in a bottle and I now can’t see myself living without it.


I’ve applied the Berutti Oil in two ways. Once following a wash, condition and towel dry and secondly I’ve applied to dry hair as a way to tame unruly hair… Yes frizz! When I applied to my hair when damp, I had to be extra careful not to apply to much. Its hard to tell when hair is damp so a little was added before my blow dry. As I dried my hair with the hairdryer I noticed how shiny my hair was. It looked really healthy and dried completely frizz free. When applying to my hair when dry as a way to control frizz the results were just as good. My hair doesn’t feel at all weighed down, greasy or limp. What’s more its the perfect size for my handbag so has seen itself as my traveling companion these past few weeks. Nonetheless don’t let this cute little bottle fool you! It may be small but its powerful and like most DGJ products, a little goes a long way!

I really am a fan of Berutti Oil. Its sneaked its way into my life and looks as though its here to stay. Good job its priced pretty reasonably at £7.99. Not bad for professional haircare wouldn’t you agree?

You can order all these products & more by visiting the official DGJ ORGANICS website.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review but did receive samples of the above products so that I could share my honest feedback. All words are that of my own and have not been Influenced in anyone anyway.

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