Check out this fantastic Tutorial for making a lace and denim shirt. So very cute.

Gembobs Inspiration



This season is all about denim.. Everywhere in the shops is denim shirts!! So here is a quick and lovely way to make yours a tad different from the rest of the girls out there wearing them! 


Denim lace button up 1This season we’ve been loving demin mixed with lace! We decided to give this trend a try with a cute DIY top! Here’s how…

Denim lace button up DIY1. Supplies: Denim or chambray button up shirt, lace, scissors, sewing machine, sewing pins.

2. First, cut out the back of the shirt. You’ll want to leave about 1/2 inch from the seam so that you can stitch the lace directly on the seam line.

3. Next, using the back of the shirt as a pattern, cut out a new back in lace.

4. Next, turn the shirt inside out, pin the lace where the original back was, and sew into place…

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