Isn’t this just the cutest Easter craft. This is a great little how too post but also a great blog to visit for all craft inspiration.

Misadventures in craft


This is a really cute and pretty easy Easter craft activity.

 Although this project would be a great activity to do with kids, I wanted to keep it a secret from my mini men as it will be one of their Easter Bunny gifts.

The things you will need to make your own little egg cages are some wool, craft glue, balloons, eggs or any other little treats you want to put in ( I tried some little fluffy chicks but their wire legs popped the balloon when I blew it up)


The first, and probably hardest thing to do in this project is getting your treats in to the balloons. After you have managed to do this you can blow up your balloon to what ever size you like, I chose a small eggplant size.

For the wool, I cut a couple of long lengths and let them sit…

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  1. Wasn’t it sweet of Claire to reblog my little Easter egg cages! Hope you have enjoyed reading it and I hope you come and check out the rest of my blog “Misadventures in craft” Stacie xxx

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