#Win Yourself A Necklace Made From Recycled Skateboards

Yes, that’s right I did just say that you could win yourselves a necklace made from recycled skateboards!


The person behind this funky idea is Nat and she own’s this unique brand called Thrashion. Nat takes a skateboard deck that has been ridden, treasured then thrashed and turns it into a totally funky unique one of a kind piece of jewellery.

Nat has been making Jewellery and Homewares from thrashed skateboards since 2007 and from what I can gather she’s a real one of a kind, As it seems that there is no other brand like her’s across the whole of Europe!

Nat’s designs feature the original graphics on the board, no paint is added whatsoever, just a clear coat of varnish to preserve the piece.

Thrashion obtains their skateboard decks from various sources, such as pro skaters, friends, skateparks, shops and various skate companies. Boards are donated in their original state and Thrashion do all they can to keep waste to a minimum while constantly coming up with new ideas and designs along the way.

Thrashion have received Donations from Pro skaters such as the likes of ‘Matt Pritchard’ in the past. He loves the brand so much that the man himself was even spotted wearing on of the brands dog tags in a interview posted on youtube…

I love how every piece is a one of a kind! There’s no chance you’re gonna bump into a friend and spot your necklace around their neck (that is unless they borrowed it and have failed to return it).

For me, this is not only a great environmentally friendly idea, that produces cool quirky fashion pieces, but also an art form in itself. Its my opinion that Nat is a very talented artist.



I remember back in the 80’s and early 90’s when my little brother used to ride up and down our street on his skateboard. He actually had a few over the years that I can remember! These always displayed some really funky colourful design that never failed to make him look totally cool and impress all his friends. To think that those skate boards could now potentially be made into his big sisters pendent does make me smile. The fact I was never allowed to go near it let alone touch it, because I quote “I don’t understand Skateboards” admittedly makes me chuckle! Why? Because I may not “Understand Skateboards” but I do understand Jewellery!

I’ve actually never seen anything quite like Thrashion before. Its a great idea that takes upcycling to whole another level. I have to hold my hand up and say “Yes, I do rather like it!”

Thrashion has a site full off unique and interesting statement pieces of jewellery! I’m loving the little heart pendents with the skull graphics. These have to be my favourite! With no two pieces the same, and new skateboards being donated all the time, its a must to check back on their website from time to time for new and exciting pieces. Plus, if they don’t have what your looking for the option of a custom made piece is always an option.


Orders come delivered packaged in cute little cupboard boxes, padded out with paper shreds. All packaging is again 100% recycled to keep the green element within the brand.


The necklace I have to give away here on the blog today has a real funky pendent that is mostly made up of the colours greens, yellows and reds. This doughnut style pendent Has a beautiful shine and is totally smooth finish. Despite its size, it rather lightweight, making it really easy to wear. The pendent measures approximately 6 cms in diameter with a 3 cms opening,
and is supplied on a long length of military issue ball chain which can be cut to size if required.


The prize is certain to make a huge fashion statement amongst friends, family and even work colleagues


So if you want to win this little piece of art that was crafted in a little garage down in cornwall, then just do the following…

Compulsory Action….

Give me one of your greenest tips. It could be a great little upcycle project to that’s kept the land fields free from overload, or maybe a small change you’ve started to engage in to do your but for the environment! Whatever it is just leave a comment along with a valid email address or twitter handle (so, I can contact you if your the lucky winner).

Additional Entries

Additional entries can be gain by doing any of the following. Please not an additional comment must be left for each.

Tweet: “I want to win a Trashion necklace with @Clairelouise82 and @_Thrashion” then comment with the URL to your tweet or additionally your twitter handle.

Like the mummy of many talents new Facebook page. Comment to let me know who you are

Pin this competition on pinterest and then comment with your pins URL

Subscribe to this blog by email (button in located in the sidebar) comment to let me know you have with the same email add.

Competition will close on the 25th April 2012 at 11:59pm. Open to those in the UK only.

T&C… Winners will be drawn at random from all valid entries submitted. Competition open to all those in the UK only. Winners must leave either an email address or twitter handle with their comments so that I can easily contact them in the event that they win. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the winning notification or another winner will be drawn in their place.

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38 thoughts on “#Win Yourself A Necklace Made From Recycled Skateboards

  1. Don’t throw away your plastic bottles – keep them for your children to make boats to play with in the bath or even float on the lake in the park!

  2. The little cloth bag that holds the co-op fair trade shopper has so many uses and should not be discarded. It is just the right size for protecting a kindle, makes a perfect sleeping bag for grand childrens teddies and if filled with beans,rice or lentils and sewn up at the end makes an excellent bean bag for games in the garden

  3. Not exactly green, but recycle books to friends that like the same authors or take them to the charity shops/hospital. I very rarely buy new books – wold rather wait until they are on Ebay or in charity shops. Recycling and better for my pocket as well. Books I don’t like (or wouldn’t read again) go to new homes.

  4. leave your fridge and freezer full – uses less electric – if running low just put bottles of water in to fill the space

  5. Keep weeds from growing round shrubs use rings of old lino. Some people say it doesn’t let enough oxygen in but my blackcurrants grow like crazy 🙂

  6. Crush up old eggshells and put them in your flowerbeds to deter slugs. Also a big fan of Freecycle, thats how i recycle jamjars and old magazines. Charity shops always welcome plastic bags for re using.

  7. You should always look for ways to recycle things rather than throw them away – I love to get creative with old clothing to make brand new outfits!

  8. If you have unwanted clothes- donate them to charity, don’t get rid of them! There will be someone who will want them, and plus, it makes money for charity! And if you need some new clothes- visit the charity shops first, you can pick up some bargains!


    Charlotte Clark on facebook

  9. i take a bag with me when im walking the dog and pick up all the rubbish that other people leave behind on there walk in the woods, plastic and glass bottles etc etc then i recycle them

  10. tights cut be cut up into a long spiral strip and used to make a yarn of sorts, as can jeans, plastic carrier bags, cotton t shirts, even reusuing tights is great , you can cut the foot off and stuff it with porridge oats , tie a knot in it and then throw it in the bath for a soothing soak..very good for chicken pox or those suffering from excema and dry skin

  11. I cut down on the amount of water I use in the garden by keeping the lawn mower on a higher setting (longer grass retains more water)

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