Cooking With A Celeb Chef

Today, I was lucky enough to be invited along by the brand ‘One Difference’ to test their organic food range by cooking beside celeb chef ‘Simon Rimmer’

I’ll be writing about this fabulous afternoon’s cooking fest and yummy lunch, on my blog “A boy with Aspergers” within the next day or so! Please feel free to pop along and read all about it!

Photo 25/366: Cooking with a Celeb chef! I’m on the right (excuse my tired eyes, up all night with a coughing toddler) Middle, Simon Rimmer and left, one of my fellow bloggers iheartmuthahood 

Nine today 19/366

Today it was my beautiful daughters 9th birthday and we headed off to the ‘Build A Bear’ store in Bromley Kent. Joining us was her Little best friend, her younger brother Harley and my niece Amy-Leigh. Big brother stayed at home with daddy, to old for building a teddy bear (well, so he tells me)! Here’s an image from the day.

Spoon Puppets 17/366

Sadly the daily photo in my 366 project failed to make it on the blog, so I guess that means I failed:( I went to the Toy fair 2012 and having had no sleep (not a wink) the night before, I came home and woke up on my sofa with a bad neck this morning! Well, I’ll still continue and just hope no one notices.

Picture 17/366 is spoon puppets! My daugther and her friend who’s sleeping at ours the weekend, just finished these a half hour ago. Had to take the picture from my iPhone so could have been better! Here they are below!

My messy but very cute little niece 16/366

Amy-Leigh is my sisters little one, born 10 weeks after my Harley, she will be 2-years-old next month! A right little character is our little Amy-Leigh, she’s also a pretty messy one too!It’s obviously double as messy when my little monster “Harley” meets up with cousin “Amy-Leigh” I’m pretty sure, (No, certain) that I’ll catch a 366 image for that, in the not to near future!

Girls talk 14/366

IYesterday, as I sat watching my daughter playing with her ever-expanding “Monster High Collection” I suddenly I had a brilliant idea!

In the early hours of this cold Monday morning, as my daughter slept peacefully, I tiptoed into her bedroom and kidnapped a reasonable sized selection of Monster High dolls… Please do not worry, I’m not an evil  mother, I actually wanted the dolls to pose for todays 366 picture.

I was like a small child as I sat and creatively positioned the dolls to how I wanted to photograph them! I took some great ones of all her Monster High dolls together, (she has a least 10) but in the end, I eventually decided upon this image consisting of just two Monsters High dolls!

I really did enjoy setting these wacky dolls up for their fashion shoot, and can see myself doing it more often. It would seem that my daughters collection of freaky divas (known as the “must have” Monsters high dolls) can make an interesting subject for a mum on a daily photo challenge…. Oh, the ways our children inspire us!

So…. What do you think of image 14/366?I’m linking this image to the Linky over on The Boy and Me Why don’t you do the same or just pop along and check out some more amazing images by fab bloggers.

A toddler, A Puppy & A Football 11/366

Well, I wasn’t stuck for inspiration today, I actually had a difficult job choosing which picture would make it here on the blog as todays 11th picture in the 366 photo project. My toddler, “Harley” 2 and my mum’s adorable 6 month old puppy “Angel” gave me plenty of picture-taking inspiration as they played football in the garden together, (well, I say football, though it was more a case of the puppy refusing to drop the ball)!

I absolutely adore this shoot! Harley is on his knees in the mud and is now ready to set chase! I love the way you can almost feel the speed in which the puppy is jetting off across the garden, ball firmly between gritted teeth.

Its images like this one that create beautiful lasting memories… Priceless!

Yep… this has to be my favourite picture of the project so far.

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