Inspired by rainbows

It’s been a busy few weeks of crafting in our house, we’ve got up to all sorts of great stuff! You can check out my signature blog “A boy with Aspergers” if fancy taking a look at some of the fantastic crafts, including Easter crafts, myself and the children have been having fun creating.

Alice Sara my daughter who is 9 going on 20, has been busy with not only the above, but a very special project of her own, one she’s really got her teeth stuck into. 

What better way to spend the 2 hours, then chilling out in your bedroom designing your very own washing machine! Yes, I did just say washing machine!

One of my lovely twitter friends who writes the awesome blogBoo Roo and Tigger Toohas launched a competition especially for us blogging lot! Sarah, the lovely lady behind the blog has launch the competition in association withAppliances Onlineand is giving all that take part the chance to win a £75 Amazon voucher. When I discovered it was a creative competition, I just had to announce it to the kids, I knew it would quite possibly have my daughter running to the craft box. 

Alice-Sara loves crafting and above all else, drawing, so, yes this was right up her street.

Basically, all you have to do to enter is get your child/children to design a washing machine! This can be round, square, brightly coloured, covered in Barbies, it doesn’t matter, there is no hard fast rules as to how your design must look, just get them using their imaginations. Entries can be blogged or tweeted and the full T&C can be found on Sarah’s blog (just click HERE)

I loved my daughters finished design. Bright and sparkly, it oozed character. I really couldn’t wait to come online and show it off. 

Here’s a picture of Alice-Sara getting to work on her piece.

Here’s what Alice-Sara used to design her washing machine.

Large sheet of paper

Brightly coloured felt tip pens

Large Black permanent Marker (for bold outline)

Glue stick

Gel pens

Silver glitter

Tons and tones of imagination

Alice-Sara, says her design has been inspired by rainbows, and what pretty rainbows they are too!

So, what do you make of her finished design? Win or lose, my daughters drawings will always be winners for me. *Proud Mummy Moment*

Note, Alice is 9, though she does tend to write the number 9 upside down, hence the reason this looks somewhat similar to that of a 6! 🙂

Disclaimer: ‘This is my entry for the washing machine design competition from Appliances Online and Hotpoint Washing Machines 

Messy Babes – my entry to the messiest kids competition

So, this is me trying to bag myself a £75 amazon voucher as part of the Appliances Online messiest kids competition, hosted over on the fantastic blog Me, The Man & The Baby (please check out her blog to see some other fabulous entries). So, the task was to upload a picture of our children at their messiest! Of course I chose one of my youngest “Harley” this is one that I love, he was having a right old chocolate feast here.

Not a great picture given it was taken from the iPhone, but It still shows his chubby chocolate cheeks, that I love. Oh and before anyone asks… This is not a little girl, lol! He has much shorter hair now, which was down to daddy not me 😦