Crafting Using Decopatch

If there is one thing i love its a little Arts and Crafts. I’m always putting my hand to something and trying to release some inner creativity.

One thing i really do enjoy lately is Decopatch

I first discovered this awesome creative hobby via a crafts site and then i scanned the web for UK suppliers. It seems you can obtain whats needed to Decopatch at almost any craft outlet. Ive been stocking up at Hobby Craft and brought some lovely heart twinklet boxes (big and small) and some pretty rose pink Decopatch paper to cover them in.

If your wondering what the hell Decopatch even is, its a playful creative art which involves cutting up (or tearing up) pieces of paper and then using them to vamp up objects by pasting the paper on the object of choice then vanishing it. It’s a really fun creative products that can help turn junk into shabby chic treasure. You can just about cover anything in Decopatch, opting for simple designs to more complex works of art using different designs of paper (as to make a type of patchwork effect.

Now even though I’m not using my creative side to refurbish old shabby furniture but instead a couple of shop brought heart shaped twinklet boxes, I still had lots of fun and just loved the results.


Basically all I did was cut up the paper then working on my larger box first I covered the lid with glue adding the paper as I went. I ensured to slightly overlap each piece adding a second layer of glue on the top of each piece.



I did this till I had covered the entire box and did the same for the smaller box.

I was sure not to cover the inside base and outside base of each box. Instead I had drawn around the lids of each box using pencil onto a piece of black foam. I cut them out and stuck them to the inner base of each box.


The whole process is actually quite easy, however it’s very messy and I spent the next half hour peeling off the glue from my hands before washing them. It’s important to note that by using Decopatch papers you are left with a great finish and the paper is less likely to rip both during the making process and after. Decopatch papers produce a smooth texture and a paint effect as the paper is deep-dyed and glazed. The glue isn’t just any glue but Decopatch Glossy Glue which gives it that vanished finish.

I was pleased with the end result and admittedly felt like running off and Decopatching my entire house. These twinklet boxes make great storage for my jewellery and they look awesome on my dresser.



Decopatch is a really funky fun activity. If you don’t have anything to revamp, try some of the Decopatch paper mâché shapes and boxes. You can find all the papers, glues and vanishes in Hobby Craft or other craft shops. Decopatch even have their own site. Also available are paints and gems to add extra touches to a project. I haven’t personally tried this but I’ll be sure to let you know what they are like once I have.

Checkout my mini “How Too” Decopatch video I made for the heart Decopatch twinklet boxes.

Spoon Puppets 17/366

Sadly the daily photo in my 366 project failed to make it on the blog, so I guess that means I failed:( I went to the Toy fair 2012 and having had no sleep (not a wink) the night before, I came home and woke up on my sofa with a bad neck this morning! Well, I’ll still continue and just hope no one notices.

Picture 17/366 is spoon puppets! My daugther and her friend who’s sleeping at ours the weekend, just finished these a half hour ago. Had to take the picture from my iPhone so could have been better! Here they are below!