Tutorial – Chocolate Fudge Lotion Bars With A Hint Of Shimmer

For sometime now I’ve been wanting to make some hard lotion bars and yesterday I finally found the opportunity to do so.


Are you all familiar with the term lotion bars?

For those of you who are not, lotion bars are basically the same as body butters and lotions, only these come in a solid form. Lotion bars are basically solid at room temperature but melt at near skin temperature. When you finish in the bath/shower you simply rub the bar over your body allowing your skin to absorb its moisture.

By making my own lotion bars I know exactly what it is I’m applying to my skin, therefore avoiding anything that may irritate me! My skin is very sensitive, making me prone to outbreaks of eczema and other flare ups. However, this isn’t the only benefit to making your own lotion bars. Its also a much cheaper alternative to expensive shop brought brands. Though the ingredients used are rather expensive, the quantity of what you have purchased will last some time, allowing you to make a good number of homemade skin products, therefore making the ingredients great value for money.

So, not only did I want a lotion bar that combats dry skin, I also wanted something a little sweet smelling and girly. With this I decided to make a batch of ‘Chocolate Fudge Shimmer Lotion Bars’

For this simple lotion bar recipe you will need to first buy these ingredients

Yellow Bees Wax Pellets
Almond Oil (Carrier Oil)
Unrefined Coca Butter
Raw Shea Butter
Witch Hazel
Pure Vitamin E Oil
Chocolate Fudge (Fragrance)
Cosmetic Glitter (Silvery White)


Double boiler
Silicone Moulds (hearts)
Metal Spoon
Scales or measuring cups
Spoons for mixing


Warning: This recipe does contain nut extract so those allergic to nuts should avoid!

So, before I get started on the tutorial, let me explain a little, my reasons for choosing the above ingredients.

For the lotion bar to work a carrier oil must be used. I chose almond oil as its known to be a great natural oil for people who suffer with dry skin. Almond oil moisturises and keeps the skin at a normal PH level during the colder months avoiding cracked dry patches like I sometimes get on my hands as a result of my eczema.

Secondly almond oil provides its user with a natural way to fight them frightening signs of ageing with its use of antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

Unrefined Cocoa butter is the best option for this recipe as it still retains all of its natural goodness and is completely pure and untouched. Its brought in large hard blocks that can be melted down into a liquid. It has a long shelf life of anything from 2-5 years dependent on its stored environment. It has a great buttery texture as it begins to melt and a pleasant natural fragrance. Cocoa butter is a great stable fat that is naturally packed full of antioxidants. Its great used as a lotion as like that of almond oil it helps to prevent dry and itchy skin. What’s more its perfect for a lotion bar as its solid form melts easily when it comes into contact with the skin which is then easily absorbed leaving your skin smelling delicious and feeling silky smooth.

Shea butter is extracted from the nut of African Shea trees. Its packed full of natural fatty acids that are again great to use on the skin. Shea butter is again a great option as like cocoa butter it has a reasonably low melting point. saying that, Shea butter isn’t the easiest butter to work with as it can often become grainy if not heated and cooled in the right way.

The benefits of Shea butter for your skin is that it is both moisturising and rejuvenating. It acts as a great skin toner too, helping beat cellulite and uneven skin texture. Like the above ingredients it fab as an anti ageing treatment and helps to combat dry skin such as eczema. This butter is packed with vitamins and therapeutic properties to protect skin from elements such as the sun and the wind making it a great addition to lip balms.

Yellow BeesWax has a higher melting point range of 62 to 64 °C compared to that of cocoa and Shea butters that normally have a melting range of below 40 °C. The beeswax therefore keeps the product solid for longer. For those living in hotter climates than the UK, a higher ratio of beeswax can be used if desired. Lastly, pure yellow beeswax has a nicer texture and naturally sweeter aroma then that of refined white wax pellets.

Added extras are both the witch hazel and the vitamin E oil. Only a small amount of both is needed but both have great benefits to the skin making these lotion bars even more beneficial.

So Lets Get Started….


to get the measurements needed for my batch of 6 large heart shaped lotion bars I used the following…

Equal measures of your main ingredients, which for this bar are cocoa butter, almond oil and wax pellets…

Unrefined Cocoa Butter 4 oz
Almond Oil (Carrier Oil) 4 oz
Natural Yellow Beeswax Pellets 4 oz

Other ingredients…

Shear Butter (1.5 oz)

Witch Hazel 1 1/2 Table Spoons

Vitamin E Oil 2 drops

Chocolate Fudge Fragrance Oil 30 drops

Cosmetic Glitter (Shimmer) 2 Tiny Pinches

First, take the cocoa butter and weigh out 4 oz. Then grate it into a large bowl. Note… This is time consuming and hard work so if you have an electric grater then go for it! As to avoid waste cut the last small pieces that are too small to grate into tiny pieces with a knife. Once done leave it to one side.


Next weigh out your wax pellets (4 oz) and then your Shea butter 1.5 oz.



Boil a pan of water and once its bubbling turn down the heat and place a smaller pan or glass jug (if you don’t have a double boiler like me) into the boiling pan of water.

Keep the heat low and add your wax pellets. Remember these have a higher melting point so should go on first.


Once the wax is almost liquidated, add the grated cocoa butter, stir a little and within a few seconds it should have began melting. At this point you should now add the Shea butter to your mixture. Give this a stir and then leave on the low heat while you prepare your carrier oil.


For this measure out 4 oz of almond oil adding 1 1/2 table spoons of witch hazel to the oil followed by two drops of vitamin E. Give this a good mix before pouring into the mixture.


At this point something very strange will happen. The addition of the cold oils to the hot wax makes the oil suddenly turn white with almost a solid appearance. Don’t panic just stir to blend all the ingredients together till the whole mixture has become a liquid.

Now remove from the heat and allow to let for 30-60 seconds before adding 30 drops of Chocolate Fudge Fragrance mix well and don’t take to long to avoid solidification.


Lastly sprinkle in a few pinches of cosmetic glitter, mix and pour into your silicone moulds.



Let sit in till the liquid has solidified enough for you to more them into the fridge where you will leave them be for a good few hours (2 should be enough but 3 is even better).


Once these have set, they should pop out the silicone moulds with ease. Let them stand for 20 minutes and then decided how you want to store them. If keeping for yourself, store in an old tin or some air tight containers, placing them in a cool dark place away from sunlight and other heat sources in-till your ready to use them.


20130502-123715.jpgabove image I’ve tried to capture the sparkle

If you want to dress these up for a gift you can simply wrap them in some greaseproof paper, pop them into gift bags, tie with twine and write the name of the gift on a cute matching gift tag. Another idea, which I like best, is to line a glass jar with a pretty cellophane bag, piling your lotion bars inside before securing the lid and again adding a gift tag or naming label.



These lotion bars really do smell gorgeously chocolatey. The shimmer is so pretty and subtle too.

My skin feels smooth and soft and the smell last for hours as would a perfume.

Am I proud of my homemade lotion bars? Hell yes!

Reference Section

I’m a UK girl living in London. All the ingredients were attainable, but health food stores are charging the earth for this stuff. With this I opted for eBay when buying the majority of my ingredients. Below is a list of stockiest accompanied by links to the places I brought my ingredients…

250g Raw Shea Butter, 500g Unrefined Cocoa Butter, 10ml Vitamin E Oil

All the above brought from … ‘Aina’s Bargains (eBay Shop)’

Witch Hazel & Almond Oil purchased from Sainsburys

Heart Mould Tray purchased from Lidl

Chocolate Fudge Fragrance purchased from J’s Natural Soaps (eBay Store)

This Weeks Bootfair Finds

Here’s some bargains I’ve grabbed at a few bootfairs over the past couple of weeks.

Pretty vanity set (brush and mirror)

I brought the set in perfect condition but accidentally smashed the glass in the mirror so will need to get this replaced. I love the floral vintage design its so pretty and cost £3

Sweet silver heart trinket 50p

A very sweet decorative trinket that is ideal to store little bits in. Mines on my dresser and is a current home to a few rings.


Metal magazine rack

Love this. Its just my style and fits in well with other furniture I own. Plus it was a real bargain at £2


Stirling Silver Rose Pendant

One of my best buys of the week (well, few months if I’m honest)! The pendent is 925 Stirling silver and really nicely crafted into this pretty rose design. The pendant is on a black leather cord that is finished with a 925 Stirling silver clasp. Can you believe this cost me just £1.50. To be honest I don’t think the stall holder knew it was silver as she informed me it was a costume piece of her daughters.


Basque Style Jewellery Holder

I usually find that these holders that have been created to hold jewellery are usually really cheap and tacky looking (especially those with the butterflies etc)! However, this is quite the opposite. Its manufactured by a brand called Two’s Company which seems to be more known to the states. This particular holder is for necklaces and its really heavy in weight. I love the colour and detailing. The shoulder area has this stunning metal detail and the body that is this pretty pinkish gold colour has pretty detailing that is really subtle and delicate. I paid a fantastic £1.50 for this piece and was more than pleased with that.



Vintage Jar (maybe mustard/sugar jar) with silver Plated Lid

I found this rather nice glass/crystal jar with a silver plated lid. The lid is marked EPNS and although very pretty needs a little cleaning to remove tarnish. The jar was a bargain at just £1


Branded hair and beauty bargains

At another bootfair I grabbed this Toni & Guy travel selection consisting of straight and sleek shampoo, conditioner, heat defence spray and a rubber shine styling product. These haven’t been opened. They came in a tony and guy straighteners zip holder so am guessing they were once part of a straighteners gift set. I paid a reasonable £2 for the lot.


Other items I brought from the same sale included

New- Micro Injection Lift Fusion
New- Lancôme self tan lotion
New- Mou- Hair texturizer
New- Lancôme nail polish
New- YSL Lisse Expert

All for £20


A Special Gift From L’Occitane

Mother’s Day, a day of relaxation breakfast in bed and bunches of daffodils… Yer right!

Ok, I’m pretty such the kids have made me some lovely homemade gifts and cards which I prefer! As for the whole relaxation thing… Well… An almost teenage boy with Aspergers Syndrome, a daughter who is fast forming a bit of a chip on her shoulder and an ever demanding toddler, I can most certainly forget that!

As it happens we are actually off to my nieces and nephews Christening this morning, so breakfast in bed is gonna have to wait anyway!

I do love being a Mother! Life Is always full of little surprises and I can’t honestly remember the last time I felt the need to complain that I was bored!

The memories built with my children are all so precious, whether its memories of our first family holiday or the day in which each one of them arrived in the world.

Yesterday I was sent a lovely little gift from L’Occitane & The Millennium Hotel. Their intention being, to make my Mothers Day that bit more specia.The gift, a beautiful little boxed set that contained, 30 ml of Shea Butter Hand Cream, 30 ml of Rose Autore Hand Cream & 30 ml of Spring Cherry Hand Cream. All delicately scented and beautifully presented making them the perfect little treat for hands.



Earlier in the week the Millennium Hotel had asked me a few questions that I was more than happy to answer, like what’s my most memorable holiday? To which my answer was… Its hard to choose just one whether it be the all inclusive packaged holiday to the Caribbean or the week spent at the Lake District, each one was special in its own little way.

As for family holidays, we had an awesome trip to Oxfordshire a few years back! We were attending the fabulous Wilderness festival, camping in a tent for the weekend. This mini break has to be one of my most memorable. I’d never done the whole outdoors thing, but the kids loved it. There was plenty to do at the festival and if the kids were not enjoying a sessions hola hooping we’d be swimming in the beautiful natural lake that runs through the woodland.


I’ve actually never stayed in a Millennium hotel but looking at the London hotels on their website I would defiantly consider both the Mayfair and Knightsbridge hotels. Both are in great locations and seem to offer luxurious facilities. I like it when a hotel goes the extra mile by providing its guest with those special little extras to make their stay more comfortable. I’d be extremely pleased to find L’Occitane products in my hotel bathroom and the Millennium Hotels offer just that. Having read some rave reviews on the Millennium Knightsbridge Hotel it would seem L’Occitane and the Millennium form the perfect partnership.

Well, thanks to both the Millennium Hotel and L’Occitane for the beautiful gift. Maybe next year I’ll be in one of your London hotels enjoying a L’Occitane bubble bath for Mother’s Day.

Must dash… A christening awaits.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

No Financial payment was made for writing this post. I did receive the L’Occitane gift free of charge for the purpose of this review. Nonetheless I was under no obligation to write about it. All opinions are honest and that of my own.

The JooMo Skin Test

My Beauty regime in terms of skin care consists of soap free products designed for sensitive skin.

Despite having skin that is prone to Eczema, growing up, the appearance of my facial skin was always really good! I was never one for rashes or sports (maybe the odd pimple when it was that time of the month but nothing more)! However, now at 30 years of age, my skin isn’t as great as it used to be. I guess the stress and late nights don’t help either! Lately I’ve noticed that my is much more sensitive, as well as drier and as a result I’ve noticed the never ending outbreaks of them pesky little white pimples (known to many as the White Head).

Over the last few months it seems my skin is getting worse, what with the suns UV rays and the constant application of sun cream, I feel my skin is suffocating!

Lately, I’ve had to reframe from wearing foundation or liquid make up and have instead been applying tinted moisturiser and even though I’m not having as many flair ups my skin is still not great and I feel I’m just holding the problem off rather than combating it.

Another complaint I have is that of a cyst just above my left cheek born which required a biopsy. Despite it growing rapidly while pregnant and the chance that due to its location and exposer to the sun, it has a increased risk of turning cancerous, the NHS are still currently stating there are no funds to remove it. Honestly… Don’t get me started on this one! Another post maybe.

When I was contacted by a representative for a new skin care brand called JooMo, I was intrigued to learn more.

JooMo is the first ever 100% natural face wash that uses a SaponinJTM formulation that treats severe acne, eczema, and a number of other skin conditions.The Co-Founder Linda Russell developed a skin allergy in 2008 and set out on a quest to find a skincare regime to aid her suffering. Following a two year investigation of prescribed skincare treatments, using leading natural brand names and even embarking on scientific and historical research, including Chinese methods, Linda and her partner developed JooMo and her skin has never looked better!

Does it sound to good to be true? I’m a person who believes in evidentialism which basically means, “Show me the hard evidence then i’ll believe it!” JooMo have been so kind to send me a bottle so… I guess i’ll soon find out if it does what it claims to do.

I’ve been using JooMo for a week now and my skin is less dry and it seems to have a certain glow about it. I haven’t developed anymore pimples using this face wash and certainly feel more fresh faced. I’m hoping that JooMo is giving me a really deep clean and will bring any impurities to the surface of the skin. That’s the thing with having these tiny white nasties, “they are not overly noticeable” that is unless you look more closely. However I know they are there. They leave my skin with an uneven texture and my normal makeup products don’t seem to sit well. I’ve ditched the tinted moisturiser since I started using JooMo as to really let my skin breathe and see if the product makes any difference to my existing skin complaint.


JooMo is designed exclusively for young sensitive skin (yes, I’m still only 30 so, no wise cracks please)! It smells truly wonderful with its natural fragrance of honey and oranges. The packaging is funky and inviting and comes in a handy handbag friendly 100ml squeeze tube and can be brought for £4.75 by visiting the JooMo websites product page at

Already, I do love the way JooMo leaves my skin feeling refreshed and verily cleaned. Here’s hoping that it’s special ingredient of ‘Saponin J” is working it’s magic beyond the top few layers of the skins surfaces, therefore banishing those pesky little white heads for good.

For now that’s all… But I’ll be back to report on how it’s going in a week or two with an updated picture from the one below. Be sure to pop back and check it out.


This is not a sponsored post and i did not receive payment to write this. However I did receive a sample of the product as to allow me to give my honest feedback with readers.

A Tuscan Dream

Sat here in my garden, the warm evening rays of the departing sun warms my skin. A glass of white wine is firmly griped within my hand with the remaining half a bottle sat on the table before me. I’ve been reading a novel, one set in glorious Florence Italy. The Sixteen Pleasures by Robert Hellenga, has left me in a state of day dreaming, I lose myself as I try to visualise the beauty that is Tuscany! This somehow leads me away from what is proving to be an incredibly written novel!

“No, no … No…”
I’m not running off, leaving the sounds of my giggling children far behind me as I head of to throw my designer wardrobe into my Gucci suitcase in-order to catch the first available flight to Tuscany! Yer… As if! I’m just off to fetch my MacBook so I can ask my good friend Google to show me a couple of images of this italian dream location. Is it as beautiful a place as the one I had now created in my mind?

Italy is full of beauty, it’s a country that is filled with romance, religious traditions, breathtaking scenery and incredible cuisine. My children have been blessed with a touch of the Italian gene through that of their father (Why else would I have given my eldest son a name like Giovanni).

I’ve been to some beautiful places both on the Italian mainland and it’s neighbouring island of Sicily. Though I must be honest, Tuscany is somewhere I’ve not had the pleasure in visiting and it’s only now as I begin to look at it in such finer detail, My eyes are opened to its exquisite beauty and I’m left questioning myself, “Why haven’t I been here before?”.

This is a part of Italy that has now somehow captivated me purely from reading about its existence.

20120825-202959.jpg Sunset over Florence Italy. Image credit Wikipedia

There are many elements of beauty and interest that surround Tuscany, it’s artistic legacy, beautiful wine and outstanding locally produced cuisine. But over all it’s that combined element of cultural, historical, natural and architectural beauty that swings it for me!

I can just visualise myself stood on a cobbled terrace belonging to a beautiful old italian farmhouse that still displays that same originality as it did hundreds of years before. A breathtaking Tuscan countryside lined with vineyards and rows upon rows of olive trees.There is no ending to be seen just miles of natural outstanding beauty.

A picturesque vision, one of Intertwined tones of greens and yellows that form the rolling hills that descend into nothingness. But set somewhere deep within the Italian countryside of Tuscany is that of this small remote but equally as beautiful, dusky medieval village with its narrow cobbled walk ways, lit up by a string of little town house, its quite simply idyllic.

I’m drawn in by it’s culture, the way of life this Tuscan village has to offer. I’ve done the big organised holiday at the all inclusive beach resorts and although these can sometimes be pleasing I still find it difficult to understand how this would offer that fabulous cultural experience that a new place of travel should ultimately bring. Can one really relate when I state that I want to smile at the passing locals as I sit on the doorstep drinking a glass of ‘Vernaccia di San Gimignano’ How about the wonderfully inviting aroma of freshly baked Italian beard that drifts through the old wooden windows while as you rise from your bed on an early summers morning?

20120825-202856.jpg Gimignano view from torre grossa Image credit: Wikipedia

It’s important to me that such a place of cultural heritage, fine architectural beauty and stunning scenery should be fully appreciated for all it has on offer. For me it really isn’t about 5 star beach side hotels. I’d much rather experience villas in Tuscany or that of a traditional Italian farmhouse. When opportunities arise, these should be taken fully for granted in order to experience a new and wonderful way of life that’s a bit different than the one that we’ve always known because who knows if we’ll ever be given such opportunities again! For me a holiday in Tuscany would begin with the throwing away of any itinerary (unless I’m with the children as this would then become one of the most important aspects of our holiday due to my eldest child’s autism diagnosis). I guess this is partly the reason while I seek this degree of spontaneity when holidaying alone or with friends.

Since asking my very good friend “Google” for the run down on this place I’ve uncovered a string of beautiful finds that I’m almost certain I’m destining to be. San Gimignano a hill top medieval village was that of my vision described above. Yet, I’m far from finished. I feel that my description relating to my favourite element of Tuscany lacks the credit it deserves.Though yes, it is clear to see that Tuscany oozes character with its historical villages, beautiful surrounding greenery, fresh water lakes and stunning architecture, Its felt that there is still so much more you really should know in-order of fully appreciating my visualisation of that of Tuscany.

The next path of this Journey leads us to the beautiful city of Siena. One that boast rich Italian cultural traditions, rare and beautiful original buildings from churches to museums and of course some of the worlds finest art galleries! Although this is a city, it’s cobbled narrow winding roads, pretty churches and amenities make it seem more like a friendly little village. Whats more Siena’s location within the hilly hilltops of the Tuscan countryside add to its rare character and charm.

Siena is a city of many treasures and it’s the spectacularly designed Duomo a glorious gothic cathedral located just above the cities popular historic square ‘Piazza del Campo’ that is home to many. Inside this magnificent cathedral you will discover ancient workings of art, such as original paintings and beautifully crafted sculptures by some of the worlds most famous artist. Here you can view original masterpieces by Donatello & Michelangelo just to name a few (and … No i’m not referring to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so don’t even go there)!

20120825-202320.jpg Duomo Cathedral Siena Tuscany. Image Credit: Wikipedia

The Duomo is a somewhat impressive build which dates back to 1215 and is recognisable for its fine display of Marble black & white symbolic stripes both inside and out. Its arched appearance and spectacular bell tower add to its mediaeval charms! One may actually refer to this historic cathedral as something of an architectural work of art.

Now although this Tuscan city is more peaceful than most there is a period of time when it plays host to a number of popular traditional italian festivals. During the summer months both locals and tourist flock to its stunning medieval square the ‘Piazza del Campo’ to witness the well known Palio, two of Italy’s most spectacular horse races that are followed by a magnificent display in one of its most talked about medieval pageants.

20120825-203205.jpg Pailo di Siena image credit: Wikipedia

As many will know, Italy is a country renown for its religious artefacts, its only logical that it would house some of the worlds most beautiful churches. The Catholic Faith is one taken very seriously, it forms a massive part of Italy’s cultural history and will continue to shape much of its future. My interest and love of architectural beauty can easily be ignited when stood before me is a magnificent house of worship… I’ve stepped inside some of Italy’s most magnificently designed churches, ones that have simply took my breath away.

While researching the churches on offer in the area of Tuscany, it quickly become apparent that it was home to some amazing places of worship. Its really not difficult to paint the picture in ones mind. The sound of church bells can be regularly heard ringing out throughout Tuscany’s towns and cities, each one housing its own historic church yet each defined by that of its own beauty. Medieval churches can be found nestled between the orange and olive groves of the Tuscan countryside, while others sit upon slopping hilltops, the grounds that surround them, a sea of red when the sweet smelling Poppy’s blossom in the spring time.

For me Tuscany has suddenly become an extremely appealing destination that has left me needing and wanting to explore it more. I wish I could continue in writing what i’ve come to learn about the wonderful delights that are florence or the history that surrounds Tuscany’s Pisa home to the extraordinary leaning tower of pisa.

20120825-203333.jpg Leaning Tower of Pisa Tuscany Italy. Image Credit: Wikipedia

Sadly I must now reluctantly return to that of reality! Yes, the whether that was once described as a warm summers evening, has took a rather sudden turn for the worse! It’s now pouring bucket loads and my washing that is hanging from my washing line is dry no more! Oh well, that’s the danger of dreaming.

The fabulous contents of my makeup bag

Admittedly I haven’t been on here for a week or more and as you may have already worked out, the daily #366 photo is no more, I failed! However, I’m not to bothered and figured that I can post pictures I love anytime I like, which is the beauty behind blogging! Staying on the subject of beauty, I actually had a massive sort out of my overflowing make up bag today. Seriously, I have so much makeup that I’m storing it in both oversized makeup bags as well as storage containers. So, it was definitely the time to clear some of it out and I was surprised how much makeup actually remained sealed.

So, tonight on Valentines day as I’m not being wined and dined, I thought instead, I’ll share some of my favourite, can’t live without, pieces of makeup, for both day and night when I very occasionally hit the town to swing my pants.

Lemon aid £15 from benefit, designed to help reduce redness and can be worn alone or under make up. I’ve been using it for around a month now and wouldn’t go back. High brow from benefit £14, highlights the brow bone defining eyes giving them an instant lift. Mac Mineralize Loose Powder £23, I love this silky mineral rich powder that has SPF 15 for protection against the sun’s rays, I use this powder almost everyday. Bourjois Paris illuminating Touch £7.49, a great addition to the makeup bag, it’s a soft blendable powder that can be applied to cheekbones and temples to sculpt the face, plus it’s sells for a very reasonable price.

Dior 5-Couleurs lift palette £41, I love the Christian Dior makeup range and despite it being that bit more expensive, it looks good and last the test of time. SHU UEMURA Eye light pencil £16, a lovely soft white dual-ended crayon pencil eye liner with a matte white and pearl white finish. I got this for christmas and have fallen in love with it, this magic stick gives my eyes an instant lift even when little sleep has been had (which is often)! Elizabeth Arden Lash – Primer and Conditioner, £14, a regular addition to my makeup bag, it’s used daily and admittedly I do go through it but simply can’t live without it, my lashes look fuller after an application of this primer which I apply before my mascara. When it does come to mascara, I use Maybelline New York Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara £7.15, on a daily basis and just love the extra volume it gives just after the on coat, plus the great price I pay for it.

Kick ASS ConcealerTM from Soap and GloryTM, £10, is a new addition to my makeup bag and I use this often to conceal blemishes easily. I’ve been using YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche Eclat £25, for years now, having first brought it duty-free at the airport when I was 17 years old. I love it and although it isn’t cheap, it does what it claims to and I often find myself relying on it. AVON Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder currently reduced from £9 to £5, a great price for a product that actually works pretty well. I have it in shade light medium, which matches my skin tone really well. I love powder as it isn’t heavy on the skin and therefore gives you a flawless complexion. One of my favourite items in my makeup bag is ESTEE LAUDER Signature Silky Powder Blush, £24, it last for ages and sits really well, not creating the look of a clown or rosy rag doll. I find that I have to be so careful when choosing a blush as my complexion is quite pale.

DIOR Rouge Creme de Gloss lipgloss £19.50, isn’t sticky but soft and gives a really lovely satin rich finish while lasting a good proportion of the day so one gloss seems to last for ages, meaning it’s not as expensive as it may first seem. MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder £18.50, I love this silky finishing powder that is especially great over liquid foundation and sets your completed makeup really well. Yves Saint Laurent Duo Eyeshadow £30, another new addition to the make up bag, I love the natural colours and wearing them together, they blend well, giving a soft natural finish. Nails Inc Boltons Polish £11, a present from my mum who given she doesn’t wear makeup always seems to get it right when buying for others. This satin red is really beautiful.

PARTY EYES I have a makeup bag just for my sparkle. I love party makeup, just as much as I love a good party dress. This Biba Eye Palette £26 (but currently on sale for a fab £15.60) has 4 stunning metal and precious jewel shades that create stunning party eyes. A bargain party buy are these Barry M Supersoft Eye Crayons costing just £3.99 these bold matt colours let you create stunning smoky party eyes. My favourite party bag  are buy are fabulous Heavy metal metallic liquid eyeliner, £13. by Urban Decay, which I’ve been using for the last 10 or more years and still love them as much as the first time I tried them. Another great product is the collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Length Mascara at a tiny £2.99. This coloured mascara creates a big dramatic impression for a really small price and is therefore worth a buy. I got mine only a week ago, and can’t wait to wear it out.

When getting ready for a night out, I love Benefit Bad gal lash mascara £16.50, it’s a glam mascara for a night on the town and my lashes don’t leave home without it. NARS The multiple multi-purpose stick £29 is fabulous, it’s a must have makeup addition for young and old, use on the face and body for a beautiful glow. NARS Looks really great on cheekbones and I love it! Barry M instant nail Effects gold foil, looks stunning worn day and night but creates an extra special look for dressed up occasions, for just £4 its amazingly long-lasting.

Saving the best till last… Dior Diorskin Airflash spray foundation is amazing, costing £33 Dior revolutionises makeup with a spray foundation that goes on completely even and in my opinion creates the most natural flawless complexion, I’ve seen as a result of a makeup product. There is a downfall however, you cannot see how much you’re using and I tend to get a tad upset when I’ve run out! 😦

So, what’s in your makeup bag? Anyone with any of the above, or do you have a completely different mix altogether