Christmas Ornament Exchange

Merry Christmas everyone

Just a quick one…

A while back we shared some of our Christmas decorations as part of the Christmas ornament exchange project that was shared on the lovely Redredarts blog along with some other fabulous bloggers who hosted a Linky showcasing some beautiful homemade ornaments.

The whole idea was to make a homemade tree decoration, snap a pic and along with a quick “How Too” post it to your blog before finally sharing the link on exchange Linky.

Once everyone was done sharing us bloggers were randomly drawn and paired up together for the exchange.

The rest was simple. Just contact the blogger you were paired with, grab their address and send them your homemade creation in the post. Once you have received yours, snap yet another picture and share your received decoration on your blog.

I was paired with the lovely Katie from…Randomness.
Sadly my decorations only got to her on Christmas eve as the first time I’d sent them I’d actually written my own address on the package and sent them back to myself…. Stupid, I know. I can only blame this on my overloaded Christmas brain.

So first here’s what Katie sent me…


I love how Katie upcycled children’s toys to create fab little decorations! One of the decorations she sent me was that of a child’s miniature toy donkey which she glittered and then fitted with a hanging loop. Another was a marble that really sparkled when it was hanging by a fairy light.

Katie also used broken crockery, filing down rough sharp edges before finally gluing hooks on to the back of them.

These are all excellent ways to create inexpensive decorations while recycling things you already have within the home.

So here’s what I sent Katie…


My little bag of decorations contained 2 paper mΓ’chΓ© stars, wooden glittered heart, and one shabby chic lace and acrylic heart.

A big thanks to those blogs who organised the exchange especially Redtedart who was one of the projects organisers.

It was great fun and a fantastic way of gaining creative ideas.

Lastly thanks to Katie for the decorations.

Why not get involved next year and who knows maybe we’ll be paired to exchange. πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas

Mummy of Many Talents


I’ve read a lot about Liz Jones today. I knew I would… After all I did read her article in the Daily Mail.

At first I was shocked, but also a little tickled to hear such ignorance from a women who actually shows no intelligence within anything she writes (and I’m not just referring to the article in question). She has always come across as bitterly unhappy, a tad unhinged and most obviously… Jealous.

So… What am I gobbing off about?

Well, In a nutshell Liz Jones attended a conference known as “BlogFest” as a speaker. Blogfest is designed and targeted at “Mummy Bloggers” and the event was one organised by that of “Mumsnet”. Following the conference Liz Jones went home & wrote a somewhat unflattering article and has therefore sparked a bit of an upset within the blogging community.

Now, I won’t defend my writing or either one of my two blogging platforms. I don’t give a toss what this narrow minded Journalist writes, even if I am a “mummy blogger!” I didn’t attend the conference… But I had my reasons, ones that I was a little confused, didn’t stop others (I’ll get onto this later).

Now, Liz Jones is known for her articles, in that they are always designed to mock and defame. She has always had a certain knack when it comes to putting down something she is not… A mother! As well having a good old dig at celebrities whom are younger, quite obviously more attractive and of course more intellectual then she could ever be! This is a writer known to contradict her own words on a regular basis. Nonetheless, bitchiness sells papers and lets face it, just like me writing this, the tweets and other blog post, bring publicity and therefore raise profiles… This leads me to my next point!

But first, If you haven’t read the bitterly racist article about the “Mummy bloggers” written by this anti mother motormouth then just google or tweet it. I really don’t want to include the link… My guess is the mail online has done great enough already with their backlinks and page ranking for one day.

For me there is a matter much more important than the article itself that should be spoke about! One i’m surprised that you bloggers are not raising already! Anyone guessed where I’m heading with this?

Well if you haven’t… Shame on you. I simply ask you all this… “What about the ones who set about causing such a stir in the first place?” Are you with me yet? “The ones who fancied creating some guaranteed publicity for themselves when they invited a well known venomous columnist to an event said to be targeted at parent bloggers and their children?”

Mumsnet… it is them you are forgetting! What about their part in this? Do you really think they invited such a speaker not knowing her views? Lets be serious here, her words have never been anything other than ignorant when it comes to mothers!

Did Mumsnet not expect a mention in the pages of the national paper? Yer… Of course they didn’t! What better way to get things trending on twitter then by using a motormouth such as Liz Jones!

Importantly… Coming back to that brief reference I made earlier in regards to not attending. I was a little saddened when discovering that mummy bloggers who I follow, had actually exchanged money to attend this publicity fest… More so because each should remember that Mumsnet wrote a book pretty much branding us to be pretty similar to that of the words and opinions of Liz Jones!

What did you all forget this little fact?

I disregard the said article written by Liz Jones as a load of cobblers. However, I ask each and everyone of you bloggers who attended this event, why you wanted to attend an event organised by a group who have already openly rubbished what we do as bloggers? I swear I heard half of you state you were not returning to the site and its forum. Not when they are openly biting the hand that feeds them.

I therefore ask you all what you expected from a Mumsnet event… A pat on the back and a well done badge for your sidebar?

Seriously… Did you?

Cooking With A Celeb Chef

Today, I was lucky enough to be invited along by the brand ‘One Difference’ to test their organic food range by cooking beside celeb chef ‘Simon Rimmer’

I’ll be writing about this fabulous afternoon’s cooking fest and yummy lunch, on my blog “A boy with Aspergers” within the next day or so! Please feel free to pop along and read all about it!

Photo 25/366: Cooking with a Celeb chef! I’m on the right (excuse my tired eyes, up all night with a coughing toddler) Middle, Simon Rimmer and left, one of my fellow bloggers iheartmuthahoodΒ 

My Cute Little Blog Award

I was recently tagged to receive a very cute little blog award called the “Cherry on top” award, given to me by the fabulous Catwomen95, who at just 16 years old is embarking on the path of blogging and is doing a fabulous job of it. Catwomen95 blogs over at “A life worth living” a brilliant blog with some awesome daily pictures posted.

It’s been awesome writing this new blog, as I’m finding that as well as my regular readers over at “A boy with Aspergers” I’m also accruing a whole host of different readers here on a “Mummy of many talents” from all ends of the world and I’m quite enjoying discovering some fab blogs and lovely bloggers along the way.

So here are the rules of accepting the Cherry on top award..

  • First you must Thank the blogger who sent it… “Thank you Catwomen95” πŸ™‚
  • Next you must list three things you love about yourself. Umm, 1) I love that I have made such beautiful children 2) I love that I discovered my love for blogging and stuck with it for the past 3+ years 3) I love that I’m non judgemental… something I’ve learnt to be given I have a child with autism and therefore hate being judged!
  • Next you must post a picture you love (see below)
  • Lastly you must pass this award on to 5 more awesome bloggers (see my chosen five below)!

MY CHOSEN PICTUREYes, to chose a picture was pretty hard as I love many as there more than just pictures, they are beautiful memories. I went with this one as I truly love the colours and the fact it was taken trough glass but still came out so clear, totally amazes me (taken at London Zoo September 2011).

So… I pass this mini award onto these fab, talented bloggers…

  1. Romanian mum in London
  2. Bloggomy
  3. Mummybird
  4. Boo, Roo and Tiger Too
  5. Eviesgran

I’m joining in 1/366

WI recently learnt about a great photo project called 365 days (only this year it’s 366, due to the leap year).

A wonderful lady who blogs at The boy and me very kindly filled me in on how it’s done! Basically, the challenge is to post one picture on the blog every day for 366 days, the only catch is, this needs to be a picture you took that day! Now it may seem easy, yet, there are days when I just don’t feel like I took that perfect shoot, or have the motivation to try to take one worthy Β of a share!Β Nonetheless, I’m always up for the challenge, whether I get far is yet to be seen, getting past the first week would be a start! I wanted to start on the first day of January and that of course didn’t happen, so here’s mine, my first picture of 366 (we hope)!

Well, this is how you will find me after a good old day parenting my kids! So… what do you think?Β