#Win Yourself A Necklace Made From Recycled Skateboards

Yes, that’s right I did just say that you could win yourselves a necklace made from recycled skateboards!


The person behind this funky idea is Nat and she own’s this unique brand called Thrashion. Nat takes a skateboard deck that has been ridden, treasured then thrashed and turns it into a totally funky unique one of a kind piece of jewellery.

Nat has been making Jewellery and Homewares from thrashed skateboards since 2007 and from what I can gather she’s a real one of a kind, As it seems that there is no other brand like her’s across the whole of Europe!

Nat’s designs feature the original graphics on the board, no paint is added whatsoever, just a clear coat of varnish to preserve the piece.

Thrashion obtains their skateboard decks from various sources, such as pro skaters, friends, skateparks, shops and various skate companies. Boards are donated in their original state and Thrashion do all they can to keep waste to a minimum while constantly coming up with new ideas and designs along the way.

Thrashion have received Donations from Pro skaters such as the likes of ‘Matt Pritchard’ in the past. He loves the brand so much that the man himself was even spotted wearing on of the brands dog tags in a interview posted on youtube…

I love how every piece is a one of a kind! There’s no chance you’re gonna bump into a friend and spot your necklace around their neck (that is unless they borrowed it and have failed to return it).

For me, this is not only a great environmentally friendly idea, that produces cool quirky fashion pieces, but also an art form in itself. Its my opinion that Nat is a very talented artist.



I remember back in the 80’s and early 90’s when my little brother used to ride up and down our street on his skateboard. He actually had a few over the years that I can remember! These always displayed some really funky colourful design that never failed to make him look totally cool and impress all his friends. To think that those skate boards could now potentially be made into his big sisters pendent does make me smile. The fact I was never allowed to go near it let alone touch it, because I quote “I don’t understand Skateboards” admittedly makes me chuckle! Why? Because I may not “Understand Skateboards” but I do understand Jewellery!

I’ve actually never seen anything quite like Thrashion before. Its a great idea that takes upcycling to whole another level. I have to hold my hand up and say “Yes, I do rather like it!”

Thrashion has a site full off unique and interesting statement pieces of jewellery! I’m loving the little heart pendents with the skull graphics. These have to be my favourite! With no two pieces the same, and new skateboards being donated all the time, its a must to check back on their website from time to time for new and exciting pieces. Plus, if they don’t have what your looking for the option of a custom made piece is always an option.


Orders come delivered packaged in cute little cupboard boxes, padded out with paper shreds. All packaging is again 100% recycled to keep the green element within the brand.


The necklace I have to give away here on the blog today has a real funky pendent that is mostly made up of the colours greens, yellows and reds. This doughnut style pendent Has a beautiful shine and is totally smooth finish. Despite its size, it rather lightweight, making it really easy to wear. The pendent measures approximately 6 cms in diameter with a 3 cms opening,
and is supplied on a long length of military issue ball chain which can be cut to size if required.


The prize is certain to make a huge fashion statement amongst friends, family and even work colleagues


So if you want to win this little piece of art that was crafted in a little garage down in cornwall, then just do the following…

Compulsory Action….

Give me one of your greenest tips. It could be a great little upcycle project to that’s kept the land fields free from overload, or maybe a small change you’ve started to engage in to do your but for the environment! Whatever it is just leave a comment along with a valid email address or twitter handle (so, I can contact you if your the lucky winner).

Additional Entries

Additional entries can be gain by doing any of the following. Please not an additional comment must be left for each.

Tweet: “I want to win a Trashion necklace with @Clairelouise82 and @_Thrashion” then comment with the URL to your tweet or additionally your twitter handle.

Like the mummy of many talents new Facebook page. Comment to let me know who you are

Pin this competition on pinterest and then comment with your pins URL

Subscribe to this blog by email (button in located in the sidebar) comment to let me know you have with the same email add.

Competition will close on the 25th April 2012 at 11:59pm. Open to those in the UK only.

T&C… Winners will be drawn at random from all valid entries submitted. Competition open to all those in the UK only. Winners must leave either an email address or twitter handle with their comments so that I can easily contact them in the event that they win. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the winning notification or another winner will be drawn in their place.

ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions


Just after Christmas I was given the opportunity to review some haircare products by DGJ ORGANICS (aka Daniel Galvin Junior).

I was sent a lovely bundle of their newest products consisting of… DGJ ORGANICS HAIRJUICE clarifying shampoo and clarifying conditioner and a bottle of their new Berutti Oil.


DGJ offer a whole host of affordable haircare products from shampoos to hair treatments. They have some great product lines for both adults and children.


Clarifying Shampoo & Clarifying Conditioner – This shampoo and the conditioner have both been designed to revitalise and cleanse the hair to remove build up and impurities. The products are made up of essential oils with HAIRJUICE containing organic mandarin and rose extracts (that I must add smelt beautiful)!

I used to use a fair amount of styling products on my hair which often lead to build up making the hair quite limp & greasy. Nowadays I’m a tad kinder to my hair, though I’m still using the GHDs quite regularly which leads me to use hair straightening creams and heat protection sprays. I guess the worst thing I still do to my hair on a regular basis is bleaching it! A few weeks and a number of washes following my colour application I’ve noticed that my hair tends to become rather dry and straw like. With this I was keen to give the OGJ HAIRJUICE a go to see what it could do for me.

Firstly, A little shampoo goes a long way! This is a shampoo that really lathers up well when applied to wet hair. (Some natural haircare products can often fail to do this due to there natural ingredients). As I massaged the shampoo into my scalp it was hard not to notice the incredible fresh scent of mandarin oozing through the air. It really is a beautiful fresh smelling scent that instantly makes you feel clean just by smelling it. I let the shampoo sit on my hair for a few minutes to work its magic, before finally rinsing well with warm water, ready for the application of the conditioner.

The conditioner, as mentioned above contains the same essential oils and organic ingredients as the clarifying shampoo. It has the same beautiful scent and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky when applied to the hair. I always roughly towel dry my hair following a shampoo and before conditioning, as I think this really helps the hair to absorb the conditioner therefore getting the maximum benefit. Once I’d applied I massaged the conditioner well into my hair paying particular attention to the ends which tend to be the driest part of my hair. I then left the conditioner sitting on my hair for around 5 minutes before finally rinsing it off.


My hair was definitely left feeling very fresh and smelling sensational. With this, I left my hair to dry naturally. This seemed the best idea given I had no place to be and didn’t fancy applying any more heat damage to my hair via the hairdryer.

Admittedly, my hair did frizz a little but this was solely because I’d decided to dry it the natural way.

Looking in the mirror I noted how my hair looked much brighter since using the HAIRJUICE. It had noticeably more shine and looked much healthier than it had before. My hair felt light and bouncey and regardless of any frizz it also felt quite manageable.

I’m a girl who 99% of the time washes her hair on a daily basis. Given I was reviewing the products I felt it would be much better to purposely avoid doing this so I could see how my hair was holding up at least 24 hours following application. The results were surprising, my hair still looked reasonably bright and healthy when usually it would be absolutely crying out for a re-wash right now.

HAIRJUICE is a great product, one designed for all hair types even that of coloured hair. The conditioner did particularly well when it came to restoring moisture to my hair. I can actually say that since using HAIRJUICE my hair has really started to soften up. Considering this isn’t a repair or intense treatment I’m pleased by this result.

The Berutti oil is another of DGJ’s new products. This oil that has been formulated to help nourish and restore healthy hair, and contains the ingredient of organic Argan Oil.

Now… This is quite simply wonderful! Initially I was a little unsure about using the Berutti oil! The word “Oil” alone made me want to run a mile. I just don’t have good experiences with oil based products, its probably due to me applying way to much as I always look as if my hair has gone all limp and greasy. However, this really wasn’t the case with the Berutti Oil and we can safely say that “Yes, I am a fan” This is like magic in a bottle and I now can’t see myself living without it.


I’ve applied the Berutti Oil in two ways. Once following a wash, condition and towel dry and secondly I’ve applied to dry hair as a way to tame unruly hair… Yes frizz! When I applied to my hair when damp, I had to be extra careful not to apply to much. Its hard to tell when hair is damp so a little was added before my blow dry. As I dried my hair with the hairdryer I noticed how shiny my hair was. It looked really healthy and dried completely frizz free. When applying to my hair when dry as a way to control frizz the results were just as good. My hair doesn’t feel at all weighed down, greasy or limp. What’s more its the perfect size for my handbag so has seen itself as my traveling companion these past few weeks. Nonetheless don’t let this cute little bottle fool you! It may be small but its powerful and like most DGJ products, a little goes a long way!

I really am a fan of Berutti Oil. Its sneaked its way into my life and looks as though its here to stay. Good job its priced pretty reasonably at £7.99. Not bad for professional haircare wouldn’t you agree?

You can order all these products & more by visiting the official DGJ ORGANICS website.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review but did receive samples of the above products so that I could share my honest feedback. All words are that of my own and have not been Influenced in anyone anyway.

Big Brand Makeup On A Budget (Bootfair Finds)

Just before Christmas on the Sunday I visited a car boot sale that took place in a Multistorey carpark in South Croydon.

We got there rather late, So late in fact that people were actually packing up to leave. However, this did mean that we got to grab a few bargains.

This was mainly in the way of cosmetics And I got to grab a whole bunch of new branded make up that hadn’t ever been open. This was expensive stuff, however I grabbed the whole lot for just £2.


Here’s what I got…

Leighton Denny full size nail polish (12ml) in Pure White


Leighton Denny full size nail polish (12ml) in Amazing Grey


Laura Geller Invisible Oil Blotting Powder (Translucent Compact) full size (12m)



Laura Geller Baked Cake Eyeliner in Plum Pudding/Black Forest (full size)


Laura Geller Wonder Wand Eye Brightener (full size)


Models Prefer Brush On Brilliance Aquavit Concealer (full size)


I.D by Bare Escentuals Peal Lip Gloss (full size)


Can you believe it? All this… Sealed and new for just a few quid. Anybody who likes their makeup will know these are not cheap brands. I normally buy my Leighton Denny Vanishes for at least £11 each and I’ve had Laura Geller makeup which I’ve brought from QVC and its never been really cheap. Given I’ve not had the luxury of buying good quality makeup in sometime, I was dead pleased with my bootfair finds.

The seller was a really lovely women who had some fantastic bits and bobs from makeup to shoes… I just wished I’d had both more money and more time.

So… Me being me, I got home and searched the Internet to try and discover just how much of a saving I actually made.

Most of my new Laura Geller Products are not currently on the QVC site but I found the blotting powder going on eBay for no less than £30 and that wasn’t even sealed (even though it states unused). The Laura Geller collection is highly available in the states but QVC UK does have quiet an extensive range on their site. There are some beautiful products listed and although being QVC you can spot a good deal or two, the prices are of course considerable more than I paid! Check it out for yourself Here.

As for my two Leighton Denny nail polishes I found these both listed on the official Leighton Denny Signature UK site. Both Amazing Grey and Pure White are listed at £11 each. I should mention I also discovered the most gorgeous blue vanish while I was searching and its seriously calling my name (I just might have to pay full price and order that one)! Naughty I know!

My Models Prefer Concealer pen maybe discontinued as this was hard to find. However I did unearth it on eBay at a buy it now price of £9.99 without postage. The Bare Escentuals Lip Gloss will normally set you back £11.99 as sold by Martyn Maxey UK.

Well… Looking at the evidence it would seem that I had a brilliant result. I’m keeping all the products as I like them all. However, seeing the prices some of these items and brands fetch on eBay it may be worth baring this in mind and keeping your eyes wide open next time you hit your local bootfair. I know I will be!

Are You An Animal Person?

I recently received an email from #Lush one of my favourite brands in terms of natural yummy smelling soaps, bathbombs (snow fairy especially) and everything else designed to have you clean and smelling gorgeous.


As you can see from the image above Lush are asking its supporters to post a picture to show that they are an #animalperson on twitter or instagram. All you need to do to show your support against animal testing is use the above hashtag when posting your images.

What’s more Lush will award a picture a day till the 16th November a £100 lush gift voucher for their favourites.

Here is why I’m an #animalperson

3 little kittens (there is 4 but ones sleeping)


Two little siblings


The tabby


Harley is an #animalperson


Inspired by rainbows

It’s been a busy few weeks of crafting in our house, we’ve got up to all sorts of great stuff! You can check out my signature blog “A boy with Aspergers” if fancy taking a look at some of the fantastic crafts, including Easter crafts, myself and the children have been having fun creating.

Alice Sara my daughter who is 9 going on 20, has been busy with not only the above, but a very special project of her own, one she’s really got her teeth stuck into. 

What better way to spend the 2 hours, then chilling out in your bedroom designing your very own washing machine! Yes, I did just say washing machine!

One of my lovely twitter friends who writes the awesome blogBoo Roo and Tigger Toohas launched a competition especially for us blogging lot! Sarah, the lovely lady behind the blog has launch the competition in association withAppliances Onlineand is giving all that take part the chance to win a £75 Amazon voucher. When I discovered it was a creative competition, I just had to announce it to the kids, I knew it would quite possibly have my daughter running to the craft box. 

Alice-Sara loves crafting and above all else, drawing, so, yes this was right up her street.

Basically, all you have to do to enter is get your child/children to design a washing machine! This can be round, square, brightly coloured, covered in Barbies, it doesn’t matter, there is no hard fast rules as to how your design must look, just get them using their imaginations. Entries can be blogged or tweeted and the full T&C can be found on Sarah’s blog (just click HERE)

I loved my daughters finished design. Bright and sparkly, it oozed character. I really couldn’t wait to come online and show it off. 

Here’s a picture of Alice-Sara getting to work on her piece.

Here’s what Alice-Sara used to design her washing machine.

Large sheet of paper

Brightly coloured felt tip pens

Large Black permanent Marker (for bold outline)

Glue stick

Gel pens

Silver glitter

Tons and tones of imagination

Alice-Sara, says her design has been inspired by rainbows, and what pretty rainbows they are too!

So, what do you make of her finished design? Win or lose, my daughters drawings will always be winners for me. *Proud Mummy Moment*

Note, Alice is 9, though she does tend to write the number 9 upside down, hence the reason this looks somewhat similar to that of a 6! 🙂

Disclaimer: ‘This is my entry for the washing machine design competition from Appliances Online and Hotpoint Washing Machines 

20 things that make a successful Mummy blogger

I’ve been blogging over three years now and truly love it! At first I thought it may be a bit like keeping a diary and if this was true, then it would be a passing phase that’s forgotten two months down the line. This didn’t happen and I discovered that I truly loved to write and then broadcast that piece of writing to anybody out there interested in what I had to say. I enjoy it and find myself wanting to engage in such an activity on a day-to-day basis.

I’m no expert, but I have been blogging over on my blog “A boy with Aspergers” for a long time now! I love to social network and have therefore discovered like-minded bloggers, all parents blogging separately but somehow coming together as one community. With this in mind, I think I’ve discovered one or two tricks to keep you on track and on your way to becoming a better if not successful blogger.

  1. Passion is what keeps a blog floating, without it… your nothing… you will sink quickly and disappear!
  2. Be honest, it’s the key to gaining a good readership
  3. Join up to twitter, tweet your post, find like-minded bloggers, most importantly interact as well as promote, this way others get to know you and are more interested in what you may have to say on your blog (you will also uncover truly lovely and talented people along the way)
  4. Create a Facebook fan page, link this to your blog, set your blog to auto post to your Facebook page, followers can then navigate their way to your blog every time you post something of interest
  5. Join Social groups such as BritMums, get involved in blogging campaigns, voice your opinions without fear,  involve yourself in group conversations, (or even start your own) via the forum or specially designed groups hosting like-minded bloggers.
  6. Many mummy bloggers are creative and enjoy taking pictures. Get involved in photo projects such as project 366, Silent Sunday  & Satcap, then link your post to the linkys in other blogs (don’t forget to check other people’s links within the linky).
  7. Successful mummy bloggers are those who help others, whether it’s by giving advice to a fellow bloggers on Tech issues or supporting a charity campaign.
  8. Become part of the community! Mummy bloggers have become much more mainstream now. You can find plenty of articles about us in national papers and even through the TV, when I started blogging I chose not to involve myself as much as I do now, plus there were certain sites and social networks that took me a while to discover. My advice is to step into the community, not only can you gain advice and support, you can also bag yourself a good friend or two!
  9. Comment on other blogs you enjoy reading! Successful mummy bloggers build both good relationships and readership by commenting on other bloggers post (plus replying to those who commented on their own).
  10. Don’t blog for the hell of it, good mummy bloggers produce great content by blogging when the urge takes them (giving its possible with the kids around your feet). Blogging just to keep your post content regular or your stats high, will only produce poor content
  11. Create a YouTube account and vlog to your heart’s content then link up with others that like to vlog (checkout the BritMums vlogging group).
  12. When them creative ideas Pop into your head, write them down on paper… or if possible share it there and then (after all, the next day you may have writers block)
  13. Don’t do something because every other blogger is doing it, do it because you want too… if you don’t like it, then don’t blog it… it’s that simple. Everything you post, needs to be there because you really wanted to write it, its my opinion it shows within your writing (I even make sponsored post my own, and never write a full press release)!
  14. Many great mummy bloggers do reviews on their blogs, others don’t… personally I feel the hype of the blogger blagger debate crushed the confidence of some mummy bloggers… If you want to review, do it, stand proud and don’t worry what others say or think… successful mummy bloggers are strong mummy bloggers
  15. Attend conferences and bloggers workshops! This allows you to gain ideas, get advice, mingle with bloggers and brands all while having a good time. Britmums Live and tots100 blogcamp are worth a visit.
  16. Great mummy blogger are not afraid to start a huge debate. I feel debates are a great way to get readers and comments on your blogs as long as you feel strongly about what you write and its true to your heart then its worth writing… plus your honesty will win you more readers in the long run.
  17. Stick to what you know! I’ve read blogs where someone has written a post that’s been of interest within the media therefore assuming it will gain them lots of traffic. However they clearly have no idea about the issues at hand, therefore losing a load of traffic in the long run.
  18. Be up front about what your open too. No one likes to see a blogger stating.. “I’ll never except a product for review” only two months later their blog is full of them.
  19. Be careful what you write. Don’t leave yourself open to copyright theft (you can get free protection) and be careful when posting pictures or content that isn’t your own. Publishing content of this type should only be done so when giving full recognition to it’s original author, plus a full link back..
  20. Successful bloggers do check their states, submit their blog URL to directories such as the Tots100 top mummy bloggers listing, although it is advisable not to become obsessed by states, ranks and whatever else… it still helps to have a goal and target for the month, it gives the blogger drive (difference is we just don’t cry about it if we don’t reach it). The most important thing to remember is to be original!

So, there you have it, my little list of tips! Yes, I could have added one or two others but with a toddler shouting “Mummy” in my ear, that’s my call to go!

Hope it helps and I’d love to hear how any of you newer bloggers are getting on!