Girls talk 14/366

IYesterday, as I sat watching my daughter playing with her ever-expanding “Monster High Collection” I suddenly I had a brilliant idea!

In the early hours of this cold Monday morning, as my daughter slept peacefully, I tiptoed into her bedroom and kidnapped a reasonable sized selection of Monster High dolls… Please do not worry, I’m not an evil  mother, I actually wanted the dolls to pose for todays 366 picture.

I was like a small child as I sat and creatively positioned the dolls to how I wanted to photograph them! I took some great ones of all her Monster High dolls together, (she has a least 10) but in the end, I eventually decided upon this image consisting of just two Monsters High dolls!

I really did enjoy setting these wacky dolls up for their fashion shoot, and can see myself doing it more often. It would seem that my daughters collection of freaky divas (known as the “must have” Monsters high dolls) can make an interesting subject for a mum on a daily photo challenge…. Oh, the ways our children inspire us!

So…. What do you think of image 14/366?I’m linking this image to the Linky over on The Boy and Me Why don’t you do the same or just pop along and check out some more amazing images by fab bloggers.