A Tantrum With A Groovy Twist

Ok as a mother of three, a son with Asperger’s syndrome, daughter of 9 going on 19 and a toddler putting me though my paces as he experiences the terrible twos, I sure am used to a tantrum or two.

Yet, though its extremely rare that one would see a funny side to this… After all why would you? I have discovered a way to convert it into something epic.

While I was messing around with an App I’d just downloaded from the iTunes App Store on my iPhone, the toddler decided to have a mini blow out for no specific reason (as 2 year olds tend to do). The funny thing was the app I was messing with was that of ‘Just Dance 3‘ the auto dance app that claims that just about anybody can dance.

Well, I was just about to scrap the mini clip I’d filmed due to the toddlers sudden outburst when I decided to take a peek at it before binning it! I’m actually rather glad I did! Why? Because this is what I saw…

See, anybody can dance… Even during a tantrum!

A muddy affair

Last Sunday was the day of Danson festival despite the sun shining the rain failed to stay at bay but in true festival Spirit myself, friend and two of my three monsters dragged our wet butts to Danson park.

Little man really didn’t fancy getting wet amongst the crowds, so he stayed at home with dad.

Sadly the toddler refused to put on his Wellies which resulted in some very muddy new trainers… But that’s life.

Despite the on and off rain the festival had remained pretty busy. We had a look around the large number of craft stools as we munched on hot donuts… Yes i know, So fattening but extremely yummy!

The toddler usually has this fear of getting dirty (well his hands more than anything) however, somehow the trip to the festival seemed to have cured him. I’ve never seen so much mud nor have I ever seen one child so interested in the stuff!


I’d quickly turned from a mad crazy mother, continuously wiping mud of her 2 year old, to one who had given up and could now be seen quite happily jumping in muddy puddles as she danced with him. Yes… I had somehow found myself in muddy heaven


The festival was a blast and all seemed to be enjoying themselves. My 9 year old daughter included.


I love a good festival. Each with it’s own unique vibe but all as laid back and carefree as one another. Yes it’s July and I should be wearing my flip flops as opposed to my Wellies but this is England after all.

The best part of the day had to be the dancing over at the main stage ( in the mud of course). Even the toddler was giving it some of his best moves.

There was a large fun fair and plenty of stalls to keep the family entertained. Nonetheless we didn’t do much walking around, choosing to instead stay by the stage dancing till we could dance no more.

At one point, right towards the end, my daughter who had managed to remain reasonably mud free, accidentally slipped while getting her groove on! The result… A very muddy monster.


As the sun began to set and the band sang its last tune of the evening the heavens suddenly opened and OMG did it rain…

Did we run for cover? Hell No! I wiped out a umbrella shattering the toddler as he continued to do his groovy moves in possibly the muddiest puddles I’d ever seen. My daughter Alice tried sharing her umbrella with a somewhat very wet and muddy Daisy (my friends dog) and me… I just quite happily got soaked as I danced in what some may refer to as a monsoon (yes I did resemble a scary panda, what with the running mascara round my eyes).



As the music came to an end so did the rain, looking up towards the sky, there it was… A beautiful rainbow! What an awesome way to end a festival.



Finally we all headed home for a shower… Wet but smiling.

Danson festival is located at Danson Park in Welling. It’s free to attend and is set up every summer.

30 things to do once I hit 30

I was inspired to write this post when I came across a wonderful bucket list entitled “2012- my 50th Birthday year bucket list” on the fabulous blog ‘All about the boys‘  authored by the lovely Karen (a wonderfully entertaining must read list)!

So… being the true copy-cat that I am, I’ve compelled my very own list consisting of the TOP 30 things I must do when I hit 30! Anybody who knows me will know that I loath the idea of getting older and leaving my twenties behind me! This is therefore me being extremely positive (well, trying to a least)!

  1. Shoe shop in New York City by day & drink Manhattans and cosmopolitan’s by night (aww… the life of Carrie Bradshaw)New York City
  2. Sleep more (One can only but wish!)
  3. Swim with Dolphins someplace hot
  4. Completely ignore my fellow shoppers in Sainsbury when the finger-pointing starts as I shop with my son on the autism spectrum
  5. Eat a fruit picked fresh from a tree/bush without washing it first
  6. Manage to do my zipper of my jeans all the way up without catching my mummy tummy in the process.
  7. Make this blog as successful as my signature blog ‘A boy with Aspergers’
  8. Buy less anti-ageing creams (I finally admit defeat)
  9. Walk on a beach in Cornwall (Ok, it’s not the Caribbean Islands, but my mother informs me that Cornwall host some of britain’s top beaches)


    Image by joeflintham via Flickr

  10. Learn to speak Italian (well, some at least)
  11. Stop being so frighten and put my ideas out there!
  12. Wear my best pair of heals while supermarket shopping
  13. Wear something other than black (inject a little colour in my life)
  14. Treat myself to treatments at the Dove Spa (no one else will)!
  15. Have a fish pedicure (I quite fancy the idea of lots off little fishes nibbling the dead skin from my tired feet)
  16. Start writing my book
  17. Somehow manage to afford to take my three beautiful children to the magical Disney Land in Florida (that’s if little man will agree to board a plane)
    English: Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdo...

    Image via Wikipedia

  18. Beat myself up a little less when parenting becomes a challenge (No, not literally)
  19. Dance in the rain in my knickers (yes, I may get locked up in the process, and No, I wont post a picture of me doing it)!
  20. Have a professional family photo taken, then have it displayed on the wall of my living room
  21. Give up the lie, when telling my 8-year-old daughter that she’s still on that waiting list for dance and drama classes and actually get around to enrolling her in somewhere!
  22. Dance from midnight to 6 am (Yes, like I used too)
  23. Learn to laugh at the world a little more
  24. Buy my first pair of beautiful Jimmy Choo‘sJimmy Choo shoes.
  25. Get myself another tattoo
  26. Horse ride on a beach as the sun sets
  27. Eat a family sized bar of Cadbury Caramel without giving a S##t
  28. Try my hardest to give up the Red Bull (I did say try)!Red Bull
  29. Find the magical solution that creates clam and happiness amongst three screaming children
  30. Read a whole book in just one day (with no one interrupting me)!

So… there you have it! 30 things to do when I hit 30 (which I regrettingly must add happens in April of this year) Here’s hoping I don’t gain 30 new wrinkles for my birthday… that would be just my bloody luck, wouldn’t it!