How Too Make Your Very Own Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories


Here’s a very simple craft idea to make yourself or someone special some very pretty vintage inspired hair accessories. Any girl both big and small would look great in one of these black and white slides. You can never have enough hair accessories after all. So, here’s a way to personalise your own and add that little bit off vintage glam to your hair- drob.

What you will need…

A set of two plastic hair slides (Comb type)
Some small white faux peals
A white bow embellishment
Two pieces of different black decorative sequinned embellishments (type used for fabric)
4 tiny black flat glass gems
Mod Podge
Glue dots
Glue brush

These take minutes to make and have a real 1920s feel about them, making them perfect for any upcoming vintage festivals.

For your first slide, paint some mod podge along the top above the comb. Place the lace embellishment at an angle so that there is more of the right side covered than the left. Clue the tip of the embellishment to the left side of the comb leaving a small area beneath.

Now add 4 of the flat crystals in the space beneath leaving a small space in between.


Now with glue dots add two white faux pearls in that space.


Give the slide an entire coat of mod podge and then leave to dry.



Slide number 2.

Cover half of your slide in your remaining lace and sequin embellishment. Use glue dots for this step.

On the remaining side of your slide use a glue dot to stick down your white bow embellishment. Use half a glue dot to stick a flat black crystal in the centre of that bow.


Now use glue dots to apply a group of 3 faux pearls next to your bow.

Next step is to stick 3 faux pearls along your lace and sequin embellishment.


Lastly cover the entire slide in mod podge (excluding the brushes of course).




Something Pretty For The Princesses Stocking

Every little girl deserves something pretty in their Christmas stocking and what better then a pretty hair accessory to go with that pretty festive dress they’re be wearing this Christmas.

The Dolly and Jack range of handmade hairclips are truly beautiful and worn alone make a stunning statement piece.

My daughter Alice is wearing one of the clips from their range called ‘Stella Butterflies’ which is a beautiful delicate sequin butterfly fully lined with grosgrain ribbon made specifically for baby soft fine hair.


The clip is dainty and pretty with just enough sparkle for the party season. We found that the clip didn’t catch or break the hair, it was as easy to put in as it was to remove.


This specific clip is available in a good range of colours to suit all hair colours and complexions.


Other clips in the range that really stood out for me are that of MIA SKULLS with its ultra sparkly design that also has that added edginess about It.The skulls are so beautiful and are that bit different from your typical bow clip.


Another fun design Is that of the MINNIE MICE Range. These sequin Minnie Mouse style, non-slip hairclip, come with or without a bow and again these are sold in a good selection of colours. These are extremely cute and would look beautiful on a toddler.


Dolly and Jack offer a vast selection of pretty little sequin embellished clips. Here’s just a few more of my favourites…



Dolly and Jack hair clips start at as little as £3.50 inc VAT.

Visit the Dolly and Jack website for more Gorgeous designs and full pricing information.

How Too Jazz Up Old Hair Clips & Grips

Between myself and my daughter we have a whole draw of hair accessories. There’s bobbles, clips, grips, pins and more.

Over time we throw out tons of grips and clips, mainly because they lose their colour, glitter or other pretty painted design.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve discovered a solution. I’m unsure who the original pin came from but it was defiantly an idea I gained via Pinterest, so whoever you are… Thank you.

All you need is…

A load of grubby clips and grips,
Some pretty nail polish (glitter and normal)
Some clear vanish,
A mask so you don’t get high on vanish fumes, and…
Some self adhesive gems.


Its dead simple… Just paint your clips and grips in some pretty polish.


The above is one of my favourite clips but also my favourite Leighton Denny Silver nail polish (this is a one of for this one). Luckily the vanish is so great it only takes one coat to have my clip looking great again.


I then sealed in the colour just as I would my nails, only with some cheap clear top coat.

As for my daughters clips and grips, I brought these back to life with some glitter vanishes.





I experimented with all sorts of clips, grips and vanish.



I even added some self adhesive gem stones to jazz them up a little more…



So next time you come across some old grubby clips and grips, don’t throw them out! Upcycle with a little nail vanish and they will be as good as new… If not better!