A few camping essentials

This year I attended a number of festivals and enjoyed camping at the Wilderness in Oxfordshire.

It was during this trip that I tested a few essentials given to me by a lovely PR I know through twitter.

One of the items I testing was of the alcoholic type. Only the “No Glass Bottle Rule” put a spanner in the works! I wasn’t about to give up the alcohol, the security already had a table full and I’m guessing there was no plan to bin them. I’m a girl who drinks only once in a blue moon. My drink of choice is normally white wine and I certainly don’t drink beer! So, as these drinks were bottles of Chang beer you can be forgiven for wondering why I was even bothered?

My friend and fellow festival goer was looking forward to a chilled bottle of chang and the few others we had, we had planed to delight some fellow campers with a bottle. As I insisted my friend didn’t crack one open before we’d even arrived at destination Wilderness, she was now looking none to impressed at the prospect of me handing them over. With this, the decision was made… We’d plot on the grass outside and try them out before entering the campsite (after all the sun was shining and it was one hell of a beautiful day)! Well, it didn’t take long for a few festival goers to become interested in the offer of a few free bottles of beer. We sat on the grass with our new found friends (that we technically paid to endure our company) and with the exception of myself and my lemonade, everyone else enjoyed a bottle of Chang.

Chang is a beer produced in Thailand. It’s 5% in vol and available in 330ml bottles. The beer put a smile on every bodies face (with the exception of the unimpressed security) so I’m sure it was pretty good and worth a try.

It’s worth noting that Chang is a very light and refreshing beer. My friend Donna commented that in a strange way… It was a really famine beer, that could be drunk easily.


Another product we put through its paces was ‘Nakd’ a range of healthy snacks that came in the form of packed infused raisins and health food bars. These healthy treats come in some exciting flavours to delight all taste buds. Choose from flavours such as infused raisin, Crazy Cola and Tangy Lime in the raisins or a whole host of exciting flavours in the health bars.


Nakd‘ offer a great way to treat yourself to something sweet without the calories!

Of course I was totally up for testing something claiming to be both sweet yet calorie free. Yet, as always I was a tad suspicious of these common claims and suspected they may taste more rabbit food than anything else.

I was honestly surprised. The packaging is really vibrant and inviting, and although once opened the Health food bars reminded me of a squashed teard, they actually tasted rather yummy.

Nakd are great to take along with you to festivals or just long days out. They are handbag friendly and supply a great energy kick in a really healthy way. These gets a big thumbs up.

Last but by no means least, we have the e-cloth, an environmentally friendly cleaning brand who have recently developed their latest Barbecue Pack. It eliminates the need for chemical cleaning products as it needs nothing but water alone to clean effectively & efficiently – keeping your green conscious clean.

Well, given we would be camping in a very green place and I consider myself a green kinda girl… These were perfect. I didn’t just use the e-cloth to clean the barbecue but found them great for washing the plates (who want to go back home with smelly, dirty plates in their rucksack)? Admittedly we had a little trouble with our barbecue and one of these damp e-cloths did a good job to put out the fire! 😉 Not only are they environmentally friendly, but a life saver too.

These are currently reduced at Lakeland ( from £8.99 down to £2.99) why not get yours ready for next summers barbecue?

Disclaimer: This is a review post that I was NOT paid to write. I did receive samples of the above products in-order to write this review. All thoughts and words are my own.