Have I been loaded with the PIP exploding implants?

Today I will make a very important phone call, one that has the potential to either ease my worry or set my already racing mind into a state of over drive! Today I will call Transform, one of the UK’s leading and biggest Cosmetic Surgeon groups within the UK, to ask if I was given PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) breast implants.

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As I’m guessing many reading this will already know given the extent of worrisome media coverage, that PIP implants have been linked to a major health scare, leading to the French government advising French nationals to have the implants removed and they will foot the bill! Meanwhile the British MHRA are advising British women with PIP implants (including some 3,000 cancer survivors, who had the implants as part of NHS reconstructive surgery) not to panic as there is no need for the implants removal.

Although there has been no proven link to cancer it has still emerged following figures given by Transform Cosmetic group, that the implants are 7% more likely to rupture than other brands (with the figure already rising). This figure was claimed to be just one percent just a few days back. However forums such as so feminine have had threads forming about the leakage and rupturing of these implants for years, with each thread consisting off sufficient numbers of women, already stating their concerns about the use of PIPs some as early on as 2005.

Reports have unfolded that UK Surgeons in Britain had warned against the use of the PIP implants in 2006 and 2007, but it took regulators a further four years to ban them after the MHRA released a Recall! It is reported that companies such as the Harley medical group were still inserting PIP implants just one month before the official Ban hit.

With each passing day women everywhere have discovered, bit by bit the horrible truth behind the PIP implant scare, including how a 72-year-old French man loaded the implants with an industrial chemical mix instead of medically approved silicone gel. The filler first thought to be a substance used in mattresses is one unknown to the medical world. Worse still in recent hours reports are surfacing that one of the dangerous chemicals used within these fake EU approved implants could in-fact be a fuel additive, alongside substances used to make rubber tubes. Jean-Claude Mas who is now a very wealthy man, a millionaire in fact, as a result of the distribution of implantable ticking time bombs, now will face a string of criminal charges in France one including Manslaughter.

As I’ve sat watching the news unfold around me, I’ve secretly worried that I may have unknowingly agreed to have two of these ticking time bombs inserted in my body! Much has happened between the time of my implant surgery till now! My eldest son has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, and I’m now a mum of three my life has been on a never-ending spiral of events. Though yes, I really should remember the exact date of implantation, I’m sorry my minds a little foggy! What I do know is that my Surgery was performed with Transform, I had a consultation in the New Cavendish Street medical office, which is located just of Harley Street in London, before my final surgery which was carried out in a transform private hospital in Finchley London by the well-known and trusted surgeon DR Khan! All follow ups were again performed at Transform’s New Cavendish Street London medical office. Racking my brains, I’m pretty certain that surgery took place in the year of 2005/2006 which therefore causes me that bit more concern, here’s why…

On searching the Transform website for any kind of PIP related Press statement, here’s what I uncovered!

23rd December 2011
“If you are a Transform patient and are concerned, please be reassured that our usage of PIP implants since 2005 has been limited to less than 100 patients. We will be writing to those patients in the coming days
This means if you had your procedure after 2005 and do not receive a letter from us, you do not have PIP implants.
If you had your procedure between August 2003 and September 2005 you may have received PIP implants. We reiterate, there is no evidence of a link to cancer, but if you are concerned about potential for rupture, or would like to arrange a review with us, please call us on 08000 214 102. Alternatively you can email us at info@transform-medical.co.uk. If you email us, please also let us know your”

Holy bloody cow! With a dry mouth I suddenly felt myself wanting to vomit. You convince yourself, it can’t be you however the longer I ponder over it the more I fear that actually, yes… Maybe I did have my operation when Transform used PIP implants as their main supplier! This is why I need to call them, instead of being sat worried senseless!
Have I had any symptoms to indicate a rupture? Well, I thought not, that was in-till I read about lumps and shooting pains! Two years ago, I did need to make an appointment with my GP when I feared the worse after discovering a hard lump under my armpit, my GP stated it was enlarged lymph nodes from being ill with a viral, yet it took its time to disappear, and although it’s now gone, I continue to experience shooting pains though the nipple of my left breast and continue to on this day.”

Yesterday I read an article in the Guardian online authored by Sarah Wollaston on the 2nd January 2012, which read…

“Perhaps women damaged by complications from breast implants should take their cases to the General Medical Council and ask them to consider how those surgeons mutilating them to look like grotesque dolls could in any way have put their safety first. It strikes me that this industry both promotes and normalises a dysmorphic and damaging stereotype.”

I was both angered and appalled at such a judgemental view, I feel that such shallow minded reporters who feel that all women have breast enlargement surgery, do so because they have this desire to resemble some out of proportion glamor model getting her breast out for the great British public or purely for the reason of gaining big oversized breast! I don’t feel I need to explain my reasons for my decision to have breast enlargement surgery, however I will state that like millions of other women it wasn’t for the desire to have bigger breast. I did this due to the fact I was left with nothing but skin following pregnancy diabetes, which made my breast balloon from a B to a DD (I gained almost double my body weight and it was awful) as predicted by doctors, the diabetes just went away following the birth of my son and as a result of drastic weight loss I was left with terrible flaps of skin instead of normal breast, as a women in my early twenties with a pervious eating disorder and the tendency to become extremely self-conscious It felt like my best option (Yes, I did try everything else first and this was my last option). Sarah’s comments, like many others, are nothing other than judgemental, stereotyped rubbish that frankly show a great lack of intelligence. We are women who make our own decisions and those decisions should be respected! Yes, we are advised there are certain risk, yet It should be remembered that we were not aware of such dangers, do you think that if we were told our breast would be filled with fuel additives and rubber tube filler we would have still gone ahead with the Operation?

This is not our fault and reports such as this one might like to bear this in mind.
I’ll be sure to update with any news, and continue to hold all those affected in my thoughts… Here’s hoping for a better outcome following the government review!