Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Men that fail to put the toilet seat down.

The fact a milkman is hard to come by these day!

The fact we have a shabby prime minster.

The realisation I’m ageing.

How school half terms come around ever so quickly but failed to do so when I was at school.

Today’s crappy weather.

The realisation my daughters growing up fast and at almost 10, already raids my makeup bag!

That my Pre-pregnancy jeans still don’t fit and my son is almost 3.

When idiots play their music through their phones speaker as opposed to some headphones when on public transport! Why… Do you really think I wanna listen to your music? Well… No, I don’t!


When I go into central London only to realise that I’ve forgotten my cigarets and then find myself being charged £2 extra! Yes… bad habit I know!

When a bus driver considers his bus full so doesn’t feel the need to stop but just drives on by. Have you ever noticed the slight grin on their face as they do this!

When you think you’ve uncovered an incredible bargain at your favourite clothing store only to get to the till and be told… “I’m really sorry madam but it seems to be priced up incorrectly!” Meaning you can’t actually afford it now.

When your stood waiting to cross the road or sat at a bus stop on a crappy wet day and some #%}##% decides to drive through a massive puddle leaving you looking like a drowned rat.

When toy prices rapidly rise come Christmas only to fall to less than half the price on Boxing Day.


When pop groups from my teen years such as Steps, try to do a come back!

Trying a dress on in a stores changing room, thinking you look hot only to realise once home it was the fabulous lighting. You actually look like shit!

Bags… Not handbags! Hell no! Bags that hang from under your eyes.The type no magic concealer can hide.

When people tell me… “Things will look much better in the morning following a good nights sleep!”

How my morning hair oozes unwanted volume yet on a night out its lank, limp and flat!

How penny mix ups don’t actually cost a penny anymore.


Chocolate… It tastes so stinking good but leaves you feeling big and bad.

The woman who is mopping the floor in McDonalds as you and everyone else are walking on it. If I wanted you to mop my shoes or worse try to kill me… I would of asked!

The 10p push machines in arcades. You play the 2p ones and think your rich. Yet the 10 pence machines don’t budge an inch. Took me to my teen years to finally realise that they glue the money down!

Hairdressers who cut off way too much hair from your barnet. More than you actually asked them to. Because they hold the Scissors they sadly have the power.


Men who laugh when a woman picks up a power tool.

Being stood in a supermarket queue for 20 minutes to suddenly be informed by the women in front of you that the till is closing and she’s the last one being served.

Jobs descriptions you know you could easily do! However, you don’t get a look in as you don’t have the list of qualifications their looking for.

Shopping trolleys with dodgy wheels. You want to go one way, yet your shopping wants to go another way altogether.

So what really grinds your gears? What better way to get it all out your system then to write it all down and share it. For this reason I thought it would be fun to tag a few others and see if we can get this forming into a little meme. 🙂

So, I tag this lovely lot and ask them what really grinds their gears?

Lilinha from Lilinha Angel’s World
Angoewright78 from Mum of three boys
Julie from Mama Owl
Nikki from Stressy mummy

Meme rules (because that’s what makes a meme). Simply link back to the meme creator which is me 🙂 and the person who tagged you.

Next tag some more and share the rules within your post simple.

A craft project – Glass Painting

I love working with glass, it’s such a delicate material to craft with, but one that almost always produces brilliant results.

This last month, I’ve been feeling very crafty! I’ve had a bit of an obsession with my Deco and Porcelain paint pens as well as that of Pic-Tixx 3D Glitter.

Both myself and the kids have been busy creating a whole host of stuff. A few weeks ago we designed our own porcelain plates, then we went on to create some porcelain mugs to match. More recently I’ve been using Deco paint pens and Pic-Tixx 3D Glitter to add my own unique stamp to items such as t-shirts and I’m currently in the process of making some boring leggings into some groovy ones!

Apart from the leggings, I’ve been busy jazzing up some glass lanterns for the garden.These, I brought in a really funky shop called ‘Tiger’ it’s kinda like the ikea market place but better.They sell all kinds of stuff from vintage inspired puppets to masquerade masks. I often buy funky bits of stationary and pretty plane glass jars which I use to create pretty gifts for family ( I’m planing on demonstrating how I do this next week).

The glass lanterns have thin metal handles so they can be hung as well as placed on a table. I have brought loads over the summer and at both £1 and £2 (depending on size and colour) they are a great find and I love them.

However despite their already prettiness, I really wanted to put my own stamp on them.This was perfect as I could do almost any funky design without worrying about them matching the decor as these are intended for the garden. I’m a big lover of vintage pastels and French inspired furniture. I’m currently in the processes of restoring furniture to give it that slightly worn shabby chic look.The pastels and French cottage theme is being carried out right throughout the house, so, I’ve decided to bring bright funky colours to the garden… I love glitter but used within the home, unless it’s Christmas, is in my opinion a tad tacky… That’s why I’m glitzing up the back yard instead.

So far I’ve been customising green and pink tinted glass lanterns as well as some clear ones.

I hadn’t created any design or plan! In fact, I’m sure I didn’t even have one in my head… Nope, I had no ideas whatsoever. So, I just went with the flow, putting pen to glass and just doing whatever came into my head right then and now.

What I used:
Deco Paint Pens: These write like a thick felt tip pen, the colour is released from the pen onto almost any service, and it’s only then you can tell its actually acrylic paint your using.

Porcelain Paint pens: These work like those above, except when it comes to porcelain these are much more striking. So, when working with porcelain I’ll be honest when stating… if given the choice out the two I’d go for the porcelain paint pens when using on plates and cups but equally the deco pens when, like now, I’m decorating glass.

Pic-Tixx 3D Glitter: This is absolutely amazing stuff, I love it! It works well on almost any surface, wood, glass, porcelain, china, plastic and even fabric (wash garments at 30’c but be sure to set the glitter on your design with an iron before hand). I’ve found these work amazingly on glass, though there is one colour in my packet of 6 that is much runner than the rest, meaning it isn’t very 3D either.

Glass Lanterns: My pretty garden candle lanterns in pink & green stained glass, as well as my clear glass lanterns were brought from a shop locally to me called ‘Tiger’ unsure if these are online. Each is priced between £1-£2 and they are the perfect size for decorating.

If you can’t find this kind of glassware, clean jam jars and existing votive holders are all possibilities worth considering.

Paint pens and glitter I use can be picked up for a good price at Baker Ross.

I don’t need to give you a step-by-step guide, as it’s as simple as drawing your own design directly onto the glass. However, here is a few tips if your using Deco paint pens or 3D Pic-Tixx.

1) Decorate one side and leave to dry for a good few hours before finally completing the remaining side.

2) If using Deco-Pens as well as Pic-Tixx then opt for darker more striking colours. This works better with the glitter.


3) Don’t attempt to use Pic-Tixx while Deco paint is still drying! It just gets messy.

4) if any mistakes are made, quickly wipe away with a slightly wet cotton pad and a wet cotton bud for the smaller harder to reach mistakes.


This is a dead simple but very effective way to create a glass masterpiece or simply jazz up items already found around the home.

Whatever you decided to do… Be sure to have fun while releasing the creativeness from within!

20120909-135844.jpgThe Results

I hope you feel inspired to give it ago!

Kissing boys for “Milkyways”

Morning all… I was recently tagged in a “Meme” by the very lovely Lou (aka @Bobbity666) over at Bloggomy.  Lou has designed the “Meme” to highlight some of her Firsts and has tagged me to do the same! I have to say, I’ve quite enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, so thanks Lou. 

 *   Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

I had a silly little boyfriend, when I was age 11. He was a year older and would buy me chocolate with his pocket-money! Apart from the chocolate he grated on me a bit, (Oh no, that’s terrible is that lol)! The father of my children was my first “real” boyfriend (well, the one I got butterflies when thinking about)! I was just 14 years old and people laughed when I said I was in love! Well, who’s laughing now hey, 15 years later his still here lol. excuse the poor photo quality (this was a throw away camera lol, I was 22, so this was taken almost 8 years ago).

 *   First person you kissed?

The chocolate buying kid who grated on me! I only kissed him for his milky way *giggle* Please tell me you know I’m joking, I was never that mean, seriously!

 *   What was your first job?

I worked in a cafe, in Greenwich! I was a teenager on £140 a week, not bad hey! My best job was my summer job when I lived and worked in Greece age 17. I was dancing and loved it!

 *   First pay packet – can you remember what you bought?

Umm… knowing me, it was crap (hangs head in shame)! I swear it was half a pint of cider at “Hotshoots” on a Friday night with my teen friends, gosh we thought we were big women! (Underage and drinking, what was I like!)

 *   First record or CD you remember buying

Oh… Yer… I’ll never forget the answer to this one! It was the album belonging to “East17” with songs such as “Stay another day” and “Everybody in the house of love” I really couldn’t decided if it was Brain or Tony I fancied more, now I look back and ask myself… “Surly it wasn’t nether one of them!”

 *  First holiday abroad?

English: The village and castle (acropolis) of...

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It was one hell of a holiday, so good I never come home. It was the fabulous year of 1999, just 17 years old working and living in Greece on the island of Rhodes. Amazing and so glad I did it before becoming a mother.

 *   What age were you when you first moved out of your parents home?

I was very young, I was a rebel in-fact, I just wanted to grow up too fast (through I’ve always loved my independence is why)! I was 16 when I moved into a hostel followed by a shared house, which brings some great memories flooding back, I was there for around a year + though I was in Greece for a chunk of the time and on my return I feel pregnant with Little man, now 11 years old. I gave birth to the Little guy at the tender age of 18. I then moved into my own flat in Blackheath and enjoyed daily trips with my baby to Greenwich park. Ah, a trip down memory lane, I love it! 

As not to ruin the creation of this Meme, I’ll tag…