Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hearts! A symbolic symbol of love. We hang hearts from a chain, wear them on a jumper and send them on a Valentines card. Me… I cover my house in them! Yes, I love hearts and I have them popping up all over the home.

Recently I discovered that Next had the same ideas as me when it came to hearts in the home. They have a massive selection of heart decor featured on canvas, bedding, lamps, cushions and more besides.

As I browsed I instantly feel for a number of really pretty items and found myself lusting after endless heart themed accessories for the home.

If like me, you like a bit of vintage & shabby chic, you’ll love whats on offer at Next. I couldn’t resists taking a few screen shots of some of my favourites.



1) Kirstie Allsopp Heart Applique Cushion £25

2) Hearts Appliqué Cushion £14

3) Heart Love Cushion £14

4) J’adore Heart Cushion £14

I think number 3 is my upmost favourite. This would sit nicely on my bed.

Pictures and Mirrors


1 Heart Landscape Canvas £20

2 Floral Heart Canvas £15

3 Heart Rocco Mirror £125

4 Heart Canvas £10

I adore the mirror, it does have a price tag of £125 but I imagine it looks stunning on the wall and would look great in my hallway. I also really like the heart canvas is and what a steal it is for a tenner!



1 Rattan Heart Stick Table Lamp £60

2 Pink Beaded Heart Wreath £18

3 Pink Heart Line Lights £15

4 Putty Lit Heart £14

Oh so pretty! The heart fairy lights are so girly and would be perfect for my daughters bedroom! Also loving that pink heart for her room too… Really



Oh I’m just loving the Heart Photo Screen, its simply stunning

and I’m already saving my pennies for this one.

This Screen cost £99 and holds 27 photos.

Random Homewares


1 Heart Detailed Chalkboard £12

2 Large Wooden Hanging Heart £14

3 White Heart Cake Stand £10

4 Ceramic Heart Wall Plaques £25

5 Pink Sparkle Heart Rug £35

As you can see I was now getting greedy…Its hard not to when there are so many lovely items available?

Above (number 1) is the sweet chalkboard that comes with a little heart chalk easer. I would love to hang this in the kitchen to remind me of important dates and events.

Lastly, staying on the topic of events, its Valentines Day tomorrow, meaning I couldn’t think of a better reason for checking out next and grabbing some heart decor for your home. After all you know what they say? “Home is where the heart is.”

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post! I was not paid to write this and I did not review the products. I simply thought I’d share the love.

Next Mummy Stylist Competition

Well, it’s official… I love a good competition and I always seem to find one hosted on the fabulous blog “All Baby Advice” Actually I’m rather lucky to have got my entry in. The competition finishes tomorrow and I’ve only just discovered it!

What competition I hear you ask? The Next Mummy Stylist competition, the one where you can win a £500 Next Gift Card… WOW… some of that please.

What an amazing prize, one that would take care of the children’s fashion needs for this summer (and probably next)! Having three little monsters I’m most definitely giving this one a go.

All I have to do is come up with an outfit(s) up to the value of £500 from either the Next maternity or kids wear range giving you all the reason for my choices.

This seriously is my type of competition. Firstly, I love Next, secondly, I love creating outfits, and thirdly… I love to shop even if it is just window shopping.

Browsing through the Next online store I feel head over hills in love with the girls summer range. I could just see Alice-Sara kitted out in my creations below…


I love Navy and white and it seems to be a pretty hot trend this year. Alice really looks great in these colour combinations, what with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. At age 9 she already has an eye for fashion so she has worked with me to create the chosen pieces.

1) Navy Strip Bow Dress £18.50 I love it as its easy to dress up or day with the help of one or two accessories. I’m not big on pink but this slash of baby pink gives it a really pretty edge.

2) Navy Print Bow Playsuit £17.00: Again this is adorable. Great for the beach, looks fantastic and really easy to wear. Simple but pretty it would look great with flip flops on the beach or pumps.

3) Navy Stripe Espadrilles £14: Great holiday shoes that would complement any of the above outfits. To cute for words.

4) Team GB Trilby £14.50: Oh… Love it. Would work well with the Playsuit and its much more of a fashion statement then your standard sun hat. With the 2012 games in less than a month lets show that we are proud to be British!

On that last note, I really couldn’t pass these up… Stunning and very Brit chic


1) Union Jack Prom dress £29: WOW… Alice-Sara is lusting after this very pretty girly dress that couldn’t get anymore British if it tried. This would have been perfect for a street back we attended for the Jubilee, I just wished we had seen it back then.

2) Red Patent Bow Shoes £28: These lovely patent flats would really lift the dress making it great party wear and can be teamed with skinnie jeans for a bang on trend look.

3) Union Jack Denim Shorts £19: I love Denim and these would look awesome with the above blazer and shoes making it perfect holiday wear or even a great outfit to wear to the games.

4) Union Jack Blazer £28: You have to admit that this is dead cute but very smart. Would look great with almost anything it’s teamed with especially denim as mentioned above.

As you can see I really couldn’t pull myself away from the GB colours and would love Alice-Sara to be able to add these additions to her summer wardrobe.


1) Blue Lace Shift Dress £19: I think this is stunning and a really great price. Would look lovely with flats, including those above. The shift dress is very “Now” and I’ve seen some very pretty ones this season (I’m also lovely wearing shift dresses as they are so flattering).

2) Red Woven Blazer £26: Yep another blazer, this time a plan red one to add impact to the blue dress or if it’s not that warm, teamed with the blue Chinos instead.

3) Blue Chinos £18: Smart and a great colour. These look like they are a great cut and I love how it can be teamed with a red belt if desired.

4) Reversible shopper £9: This goes with all my chosen outfit and Alice simply loves it. Two bags in one, what more could you want.

5) Spot Pumps £13: Simple and pretty, these spotty pumps will fit perfectly with all off the above.

Now I was going to leave it at that but have now decided to share a few of my favourite boy pieces. After all the range on offer is very smart and I couldn’t help but take a peek.


1) Stars and stripe hats (2 pack) £9.50: I love bright colours and the orange would suit Harley really well with his big brown eyes.

2) Crab Tee £7: Really simple but sweet, perfect beach wear which again displays some of them bright bold colours like those of the hats.

3) Fluorescent Chino Shorts £9: Smart but casual in a nice bright colour! You can be sure not to lose the toddler when wearing these… love em!

Once more I have gone for the British theme, how could this mum resist.


1) Flag T-Shirt £8: Bang on trend and wouldn’t he look adorable stood next to his big sis.

2) Mid Badge Jogger Jeans £13.00: I love these so much these are ordered lol. The length is great and with converse hightops these would be awesome.

3) Baseball Jacket £15: I love this style and feel that the jacket would be perfect for chilly evenings. How great it would look teamed with them jogger jeans.

4) Red and White Espadrilles £13.00: I had to add these, they are fantastic and I’d love Harley to model these on the beach this summer.

So there it is… My style creation. I didn’t style anything for my eldest Little man. With him I need to consider textures and cuts etc in much more detail. This is because his tactile defensive and very fussy when it comes to clothing. Through I’d love to kit him out in something other than tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt.

All the above comes in at just under £320.00

So, it’s been a fun couple of hours drooling over all the lovely children’s wear over on the Next site. The competition closes tomorrow, So, you still have time to enter if you hurry.


Here come the girls

If anyone here reads my blog A boy with Aspergers then you will know that I am taking part in the ‘Davina for Next’ trails and fitness programme. While I was over on the Next bloggers network, submitting my most recent post, I came across a press release regarding the Next spring collection for girls and just had to come here and share it with you all.

My daughter who is 8 years old (well, actually she will be 9 in a few days) is absolutely barmy about fashion, just like her mummy! My princess, ‘Alice-Sara’ could literally shop in-till she drops and loves a long days shopping with her mum! With this in mind I allowed my Little princess come fashion diva, a sneaky peek at the Next new spring range and already she’s declared what she’s gotta add to an already bulging closet.

Judging by what’s on offer, it seems that block statement colours, are here to say, what with the new pretty ‘Colourwash’ collection of skinny’s that are bound to impress any fashion diva. There is a whole host of awesome colours to choose from whether you love pastel shades or something that bit brighter, these are simply a “Must Have”.

Skinny Jeans from £10-£16

That’s not all… for those who want to create head to toe colour, then checkout these super cute colourful cardigans! Are you daring enough to create a look of clashing colours? Maybe you’re the type to play it safe! I myself like to colour co-ordinate, though saying this, my daughter is definitely that little bit more adventures! 

Colourwash: Skinny jeans from £10-£16, Cardigans from £10-£16

What’s more, Alice-Sara knows what she wants and this 70’s inspired shift dress with colour block design, has been firmly placed on her most wanted list, right at the very top! I had to agree, this is one very smart but girlie dress that I can totally imagine my daughter sat in as she sipped lemonade in the sunshine! I love the way the model below wears this dress teamed with flat blue patent bow pumps, it looks great. How can I deny my princess such a pretty dress?70’s block shift dress from £18-£24, patient blue bow pumps from £11-£14 

One of my favourite finds was this stunning stone frilled Mac with hints of pretty pink and detachable corsage. Next do a whole collection of items taking on these more subtle, natural shades and  tones. This Mac looks like it fits and hangs really well, it’s not drape and oversized. Not only does this Mac look really smart  but when teamed with a pair of patent red pumps, it gives it that edge, therefore creating a whole new look that any little lady would love.

Stone frilled Mac with detachable corsage from £26-£32, Flat bow pumps from £11-£14

I really do feel that Next have created a truly fabulous spring collection for girls! There are some real key pieces in the 2012 collection that are not only bang on trend but really affordable too, making the collection accessible to all budgets!

Navy Cable Sweater from £18-24

Thank you Next

I will defiantly be shopping with you this spring 2012, much to my little girls delight!