Baby Bump 7/366

I love my 7th Picture as part of project 366.

Before anyone asks… “No, I’m not expecting!” this is my sisters baby bump who has just 7 weeks left to go!

My daughter 3/366

So far so good, I may have started a little later than most but I’m still going and manage to take a beautiful picture this evening of my 8 (soon to be 9) year old daughter.

This is picture number 3/366 ‘My daughter’

My beautiful boy 2/366

Wow in true Claire fashion I started the 366 photography project some 10 days later than everybody else! That means I will be sharing the last 10 days of my project in January 2013, when most bloggers are starting afresh. I don’t mind, after all it wouldn’t be me if I did something the conventual way, would it? I like to be that bit different, anybody who knows me will know that to be true! However, on just the second day of the 366 project, I actually almost forgot to post a photo and at just gone 10pm here’s me rushing to the laptop to post this beauty of an image I took earlier today… My beautiful 2 year makes a stunning addition to my first weeks set of images, don’t you agree?

My beautiful 2 year old Harley (one of three of mummy’s monster)