A Glittering White South London (26/366 plus more snowy images)

As most will know already, much of the UK is covered in white glittering snow and I’m guessing many bloggers have been going crazy on the photography front. Yes, what a fantastic setting for today’s 366 and of course I was one of them many bloggers with my camera to hand! I’ve chosen a picture for my 366 project that was actually taken around 1 am this morning, I’ve also added some snowy pictures I took yesterday night. Hope you all enjoy.

Photo 26/366 is the white tree! (sorry it has my other blog signature attached, it’s not stolen, I swear)!

Here’s some others taken last night.

Daughters hand print above.

Above: Mother & daughters shadows in the snow.

Above: Daughter looks a tad wet given she’s donated her hat to her new best friend!

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The one where toys get stuck in the fire 18/366

Harley seems to think it’s a great idea to post his Wow figures and John Crane wooden animals down the front of the fire! This means mummy will have to unscrew the glass panel in-order to free them! Thanks Harley, you little darling!

A Gathering Of Friends 15/366

I really had fun creating image 14/366 so to my daughters delight i’ve done it all again.

So… what do you make of image 15/366

What a cute little pup 13/366

Another day, another photo! Image 13/366 is “Angel” my mothers, six month old, cutie of a pup. As you can guess, being a puppy means you have a lot of enegry… hence the reason we are once more in the garden with that football! 

Winter Flowers 12/366

My 12th picture in the 366 project is of the winter flowers that sit in the centre of our dinning table. The thing is, I brought these fresh flowers one week before Christmas 2011 and its now the 21st of January and these super flowers are still living! Maybe this is normal but in my experience, flowers never past the 2 week mark in this house (with 2 weeks being considered a long period of time in my book)! I’ve done nothing special in regards of their care, they have lived so long that I’ve had to refill the vase with water three or four times as these hungry festive flowers have drunk it all up over the past month! The only explanation I have is maybe it was the food that came with them (you know, the little sachet of plant food that you get when you buy them)! Does anybody else ever find there fresh flowers last for such long periods of time? 

A picture of a drawing 10/366

So, today I was stuck for inspiration and therefore did something a little different! I took this picture of one of my drawings. I drew this picture about two years back and I just love it.

Early Evening 9/366

Just like yesterday I’ve pretty much spent my day in bed with flu 😦 However when collecting my daughter from school we headed of to her doctors for her appointment and I snapped this on my way back home. As you can see it’s just starting to get dark and there is a touch of pink in the sky. I am really wanting longer days, this was taken at 4.45 pm.