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I’ve Got A Love For Shopping


Ok, in all honesty Valentines day hasn’t been that dreamy! I’ve spent it washing, tidying and painting. Where’s my Valentine you ask? His snoring on the sofa! Looks like a date with Eastenders for me!

Well, at least I have my dreams and a Groupon competition I’ve discovered on the net has given me the perfect excuse to showcase them.

So… What was the challenge? All I had to do was pull together a blog post that describes my perfect Valentines day, with particular attention on the gifts I’d like to receive.

Now I know that this wish list of mine is likely to seem a tad far fetched, especially given its already gone 8pm and the one I call my valentine is snoring like Daddy pig from Peppa pig on the sofa! But hay… whats a girl without her hopes and dreams?

First check out the little trailer I created below then I’ll give a little more detail on just how well I’ve dreamt this all up!

So as you can see, being woken to a gift of stunning earrings & breakfast in bed would be much appreciated, as would the delivery of 12 beautiful red roses.


There would be no time to sit around. starring longingly into one another’s eyes! First I’d be whisked off up town to London for a no limits shopping spree. I’d be able to engage my love for shoe shopping without protesting form the ‘other half’!


We’d eat lunch at a smart little restaurant then I’d be taken to have a tattoo of any wild thing I wanted, before settling down and relaxing with a full body message.


Suddenly, just when I think my already blissful day has reached its climax, I discover we are not heading home but instead to the airport.


Totally speechless (and that’s a first for me) I discover my loved one, has packed my bags and arranged for them to be delivered to the airport. I then find myself boarding a plane that takes me to a magical place of peace and tranquillity.

The hotel is devine and the beach has wonderful fine white sand.


The king size bed is a wash with gifts including that of beautiful delicious belgium chocolates. Having filled my tummy, I slip into a little black number and as it approaches the early hours of the following day I find myself partying to the sounds of old Skool garage and a little drum&base just like I used too.



Filling a tad tired but extremely happy, myself and my valentine stroll along the peaceful beach as the sun begins to rise. Here I’m lavished in diamonds by way of a big fat diamond sparkler! For me? Oh, yes… it so is?


And then…..

I wake up!

Yer… Ok, Maybe next year!

This is my entry into the Groupon ‘A love for shopping competition’

Love for shopping

#Win A Pair Of Blingbacks (Valentines Competition)

Yesterday I finally created a Facebook page for the blog so this competition is a way to celebrate both my new page and that of Valentines day

So… Who fancies winning a beautiful pair of sparkling Blingbacks?


I won a pair of these pretty shoe accessories just before Christmas and then was surprised to receive a similar design as a Christmas present. Not wanting to be greedy… that and not wanting to let these pretty accessories go to waste, I’ve decided to offer my readers the chance to win a pair… After all it is Valentines day.

Blingbacks are pretty sparkly Jews that clip onto the backs of any shoe. You can transform a pair of standard heels into a sparkling pair of party heels just by accessorising them with a pair of blingy Blingbacks.

I do love these! Customise your shoes to bling up your outfit, then simply remove for a more subtle look if needed! (You know, the morning after and you haven’t made it home and now have to go straight to work scenario.) Seriously owning Blingbacks is like having earrings for your shoes.

So… I’m giving readers the opportunity to win the stunning set below.


Fancy taking these home? Well, its really easy to enter! Do the compulsory actions and then earn extra entries too.

Compulsory… Describe to me in a comment below, what would be your perfect shoe (what colour, how high, designer or high street)?

Gain extra entries (comment and gain one extra entry for each action taken)

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This Weeks Charity Shop Finds

I love it when the charity shop is housing some little gems for me to purchase and then shout about!

Charity shops have become pretty clever places when it comes to pricing. What I mean is what you used to be able to pick up for 10p is now £10. I’m not stating its wrong that they’ve done their research I’m just stating that for us it tends to be a tad harder to find them hidden gems.

Nonetheless, they do still exist and I have evidence within my latest buy…


Your eyes do not deceive you, this is two pairs of converse in a child’s size 9. One blue and one white pair of ‘Converse All Stars’ priced at the remarkably low price of just £1 each… Yes, thats… One serious bargain!

I’m yet to wash these, but anyone who own a pair of converse will know how amazingly well they wash up. I recently washed the toddlers and my daughters ‘High Tops’ that as a result look brand new again. I actually brought the toddlers lime green high tops from eBay for 99p. They had been worn just the once but I guess the fact the listing title contained a typo as well as it ridiculous ending time of the very small hours meant luck was on my side! Oh, and if your wondering how on earth I managed to find it then check out the fat fingers app which is simply genius.

Well, the toddler is currently wearing a comfy size 7 so I can even make a profit on eBay or keep them for the toddler. I could even spilt them keeping one for Harley and selling the other. I think he will most definitely keep one pair and given his a boy the second is a big possibility.

Did I find anything else? Well I did get a new pretty saucer which I’ve added to the collection. I’m planing on making a pretty vintage inspired jewellery holder with these and some pretty miniature vintage style sherry and shoot glasses. This was a steal at 20p especially given its bone china too. I won’t show you all as I’m planning to crack on with the jewellery stand In the coming days so I’ll just show you then.

Would love to hear of any readers charity shop finds…. Have you found any hidden gems lately?

This Week I’m In Shoe Heaven

Admittedly I’m a lady who likes her shoes… I wont lie! I have many pairs!

Some may argue… Then Why buy more!

I’m entitle to treat myself every now and then especially when I’m treating myself to something for a fraction of its original cost!

I got my hands on two beautiful pairs of shoes this week. Both platforms, both beautiful, both an absolute bargain!

The first pair of shoes were actually delivered to me last Saturday but I was in Bristol. I therefore collected my parcel from the local sorting office on Wednesday and was delighted to discover that the parcel was in fact one of my latest eBay finds…


They are amazing, I just had to have them! So I added the shoes to my watch list and set an alarm on my iPhone with a reminder of the auctions closing time. I was surprised to discover that this was actually due to end at a funny hour. Despite this being a UK long time eBay seller it was due to end at the Ghastly hour of 3am. Anyone who uses eBay will get where I’m coming from when stating how foolish such a move is! Its one that could have actually cost the seller a great eBay sale! I mean who is awake at 3am? I swear its only me who’s unlucky enough to be kept awake so late. Many people don’t bid till the last hour of auction… Fact! This would have almost definitely affected its final selling price.


As a result, I snapped up these beauties for the remarkable price of £2 plus a very reasonable £2.50 P&P. Not bad for a beautiful pair of shoes that have only been worn just once.

The second pair of shoes I brought was in london following my Savoo interview. These were from the new Primark flagship store located on Tottenham Court road on the corner of Oxford Street.

The new store that opened late last month (september) is massive and host 4 floors of treasure. There is a great selection in all departments whether women’s, men’s, children’s and even that of homeware.

On this particular day they had many items reduced in price and as a result I snapped these up for just £6 saving £10 from the £16 they were originally.


To be completely honest, I’ve never really liked the selection of heels stocked by Primark but in the last year I’ve noticed some stunning new lines that tick all the boxes in style and price. I don’t know how well made these are but at £6 it won’t be so heartbreaking if they don’t get through too many nights out (not that I have many but that irrelevant).


They do seem sturdy with a heel that’s reasonable strong. At £6 I can’t help but to shout about them.

I only got these this past Saturday and hear they are still currently on sale in many Primark stores. If these are not your thing its still worth checking out your nearest store this week as the number of shoes amongst other items on sale, is most definitely worth a look.


Check out the Fashion Foie Gras blog for an in depth informative review on the Primarks newest London flagship store

Stupid things I’ve done before the age of 30


Regardless of your age, I’m guessing that more than a few of you will relate to a few of these listed below.

It’s them little things we remember isn’t it? I look back on my life so far and I have to admit it often makes me chuckle. Growing up we do some silly things, some are more silly than others. We’ve embarrassed ourselves stupid, thought we looked cool when we so didn’t, done something to impress a boy or two, and a whole lot more besides.

However, you must admit, that no matter how silly these things are… Most were a lot of fun in the process.

So with that I’ve made this list! A list of all the stupid little things i’ve done before the age of 30!

So… In no particular order, here it goes

1. Had a tantrum in a supermarket for a red balloon (or so my mum informs me so)!

2. When at school, I’ve said something bitchy behind my friends back.


3. Made plans with all school friends that once I’m 16 I’ll emigrate with them to Spain where we will run a bar and live happily ever after… Blah… Blah… Blah

4. Bunked school only to be spotted by my mothers closet friend (almost every time, that woman was everywhere).

5. Tried to act the big girl when stating “yer, I eat the hottest curry at the Indian” only to feel like crying my eyes out when trying to prove it.

6. Got stuck in a baby swing at the play park only to need cutting out by dishy firemen. Note: 1, I was 15, 2, I was wearing a short skirt, 3, I was actually bunking off from school at the time, 4, my Head of Year was called and judging by how quickly she arrived to laugh at me, I’m guessing she flew there!

7. Gone to a friends for dinner only to find her mothers cooking disgusting. As a result I’m forced into the difficult task of trying to feed it to their family dog when no ones looking! Only problem is the dog didn’t seem to think much of it either)!

8. Left the girls loos to discover I’ve got my skirt tucked in my knickers and loo roll on the bottom of my shoes.

9. Accidentally killed a goldfish in a record half a day (not once but 2x)!

10. Needed to go to the toilet while at a boyfriends house but being to worried he may hear the action, held it for far to long, resulting in bad tummy cramps that left me rolling around like a baby on the floor.

11. Got a sudden case of the giggles at the most inappropriate moment.

12. Pretended to talk on my mobile in front of a group of lads only for it to start ringing.

13. Stuck chewing gum and a few drawing pins on a teachers chair.

14. Sat pulling a string of faces at my brother while my mother told him off, playing the angelic little angel whenever she looked in my direction.


15. Got drunk on cider…. That’s it… “Got drunk on cider!”

16. Woke up with kebab in my hair (and I don’t even like kebab so work that one out).

17. Wore a Union Jack dress when Geri Halliwell from the spice girls rocked one back in the 90’s.


18. Fallen over on a busy high street, jumped up and of course walked on as quickly as my little legs would carry me.

19. Spent a whole weeks pocket money on gobstoppers.

20. Dressed the family cat in dolls clothes then shut it in a draw.

21. Out loud i’ve sung the words to a song completely wrong then blamed the song.


22. Got stranded up town on New Years eve when losing my purse. Walked all the way home in heels only to realise the buses were free from midnight (we’re not talking up the road here but 8.6 miles).

23. Played knock down ginger (not literally, my son has red hair)! This game actually just involves knocking on doors and running away at speed. Not proud now but was dead proud then.

24. Sent an email about someone (hoping that someone would never know or hear about it) yet instead of sending it to the person I intended, I’ve accidentally Sent it to that someone who wasn’t meant to ever ever see it!

25. Quit a Job through anger only to regret it by the time I’ve had my second vodka at the bar directly across the road.


26. Accidentally made plans with two different people. Told one that I’m staying in and having an early night as gotta be up early. Only problem is that I see them in the club I’m at that night! The fact that I’m really swinging my pants on the dance floor at gone 2am really doesn’t help.


27. Ran away from home only to get as far as my garden gate.

28. Run and grabbed someone from behind shouting “Give me your money” only to realise that it wasn’t the good friend I thought it was. Honestly try explaining that one to the police!

29. Done my own fake tan just before a big night out, only to end up looking like a streaky version of the tango man.

30. Sent a drunken text but worse still… To the wrong person.


31. Gone on a night out dressed in next to nothing, without a coat during December. Why…. ?

32. Eaten a pot noodle for dinner. With the rising cost of living a pot noodle is no longer even considered a poor persons dinner… But it was when I ate it!

33.. Surfed on the back of an ice cream van.

34. Spent my school lunch money on cigarettes.

35. Stalked a paper boy I had a crush on.


36. Drunk hooch and Lambrini at parties when under the illusion it was a classy thing to do.

37. dropped out of school simply because I thought I knew better… Wasn’t impressed when I had to get educated as a woman!

38. 2 days after having a baby I attended an intermediate high impact cardio workout class. Just 5 minutes into the season I lied about needing the toilet so I could escape back out the door and back home.

39. Told my child’s teacher the dog ate their homework because I accidentally binned it.

40. Slipped and fell in a puddle of beer while doing my funky thing on the dance floor.

41. Slipped and fell in a puddle of sick while doing my funky thing on the dance floor.

42. Consumed far too much alcohol on an 18 to 30’s holiday therefore forgetting where or even which hotel I’m staying at.


43. Lied about my age to a boy only to be left red cheeked when I’m finally found out… (as you always are)!

44. Cried over a boy and screamed at my mum when she suggested I’d laugh about it one day! Of course she was right!

45. Fallen of a bar that I was dancing on (well, I was working in Greece and at 17 can be forgiven)!

46. Followed a fashion trend despite looking like a bit of a C#%#.


47. Spent a weeks wages on shoes!


48. Spent an absurd amount of money at a fairground trying to win an inflatable hammer or a teddy in an inflatable ball.

49. Eaten my own body weight in chocolate.

50, Dressed up in a couple of net curtains and danced around my bedroom pretending to marry Robbie from Take That (no not the reformed Take-That).

51. Chosen a water ride at a theme park as my first ride of the day. The sun isn’t shining much, I’m wearing jeans, have no change of clothes and another 6 hours before my train home! The word Idiot springs to mind!


52. On boxing day I’m sat playing Hairdresser when cutting all my Barbies hair off despite Christmas only being the day before.

53. Drunk so much black coffee before a job interview that I’ve gone in shaking like a alcoholic… No I didn’t get the job!




So, go on then… Make a list of you’re own! I bet you’ll have a giggle as you look back and realise that there were times when you were quite simply pathetic!


I don’t know about you ladies but if my handbag could talk it would likely have a thing or two to say about its owner!

I have a multitude of handbags in a multitude of colours, in an array of shapes and sizes! Is it at all possible, that I do not have a handbag to compliment every single outfit in my wardrobe? Umm… I very much doubt it!

You see, bags and shoes are a love of mine, there my downfall when it comes to spending money, I just cannot resist! My motto of late seems to be, “The bigger the bag the better” though if I’m completely honest, thinking about it, I have to ask myself, “Is my love for the oversized bag, causing me to become more than a little disorganised?”

I swear… Merry Poppins has nothing on me! When I pop my hand in one of my handbags, I tend to lose a whole arm! The depth of the bag becomes endless, which makes routing around at speed, a little difficult.

Now, when purchasing my chosen bag, I want it to have that, “New Leather” smell, the one that screams out… “I’m new!” The right design and colour are of the up-most importance, yet, so is the interior! I like compartments, lots of them, a bag that boast efficient storage space. Though, why this is, I’m not sure, I simply don’t understand!

Why? Well, I may use the main inside zip pocket to store my iPhone, money or anything else of importance, but even this doesn’t happen all of the time! I’ve acquired the most annoying and horrid habit of quite literally lobbing ones belongings into what will undoubtedly become, the inner depths of the Bermuda Triangle!

As I’m stood with hand (oops, I mean arm) wedged into my bag, panic fills me as I say out loud but still to oneself, “Shit, I’ve lost my phone” Only I haven’t (well not really) it’s just buried somewhere between the lip gloss and address book in that oversized bag that seemed the perfect buy at one time, after all it was to be the perfect accessory to them beautiful Karen Millen shoes.

I envision the heads of women everywhere nodding rhythmically as they feel my pain, or maybe not, maybe it’s just me (gosh… I hang head in shame)!

Now although the phone scenario, is one moment that gets the heart racing almost to the point of a heart attack, I ask myself, “Can it possibly be any worse than the Oyster card hunt?”

Handbags on Southbank

Handbags on Southbank (Photo credit: The Style PA)

In my head I hear this voice, it tells me “Now place the Oyster card in the inner zip pocket of your bag… place the Oyster card in the inner zip pocket of your bag…” over and over again! So, how comes somehow, having been stood calmly at a freezing cold London bus stop for the past 40 minutes, when that bus does finally arrive, having slipped a hand in that inner zip pocket, I make the horrid discovery that I have once again ignored the inner voice and the Oyster card is anywhere but that inner zip pocket. I deluge in, gearing up for what now seems like a man hunt, I hear the tutting and sneers coming from those stood behind me, the tired peed of shoppers and worse, on a really unlucky day, I may even find that the backs of my legs are being rudely crippled by that inpatient mother stood behind, the one who’s just used her toddler and his oversized 3 wheeled pushchair as a weapon of mass distraction (No offence to mothers who use public transport as I’m proudly one myself).

So… ladies, my question to myself and you too, “Is the oversized bag designed to make one’s life easier doing the job it claims to do, or is it time to downsize that bag? After all, I’m pretty sure the bigger bag just results in me overloading it with my own or even the families crap. They see a big bag you end up carrying everything and anything. Though yes this is all simply unacceptable, the prospect of my oversized beauties transforming into tiny smart clutches’, is quite honestly very unlikely at all!