Bristol’s Street Art

My daughter won a trip to Bristol which included a night at a 4 star hotel and dinner on the Matthew ship (you can read all about our fantastic trip in a few days when the post goes live)!

This post however, is to share with you some of the images I captured of the incredible street art on Bristols Nelson and Christmas Street.

As many will already know, Bristol is home to Banksy, my favourite graffiti & stencil artist, who’s work can be found popping up all over the world whether it be on the side of a rundown block of flats, an industrial bin or the London underground, it always makes a statement. I love how Banksy uses both words and images to highlight important issues affecting our society. Whenever a piece of Banksy art work appears in london I’m first on the train to see it, so you can imagine my disappointment whenever the council decides to destroy it.

20121124-170612.jpgabove image from Wikipedia

The images I captured in bristol however are not by that of Banksy but a number of talented street artist putting their mark on the city in a truly fashionable sense.

What’s more there is no fear that the art I captured on Nelson street will be removed by council officials as its been carried out as part of an urban art exhibition called ‘See No Evil’ curated by Bristol street artist ‘Inkie’ which took place in August for that of its second year. The exhibition took place with full backing from both the City Council and that of the Art Council.

graffiti and what I also believe to be stencil art can be seen on buildings up to 10 storeys high and the talent displayed is incredible.













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