My Cute Little Blog Award

I was recently tagged to receive a very cute little blog award called the “Cherry on top” award, given to me by the fabulous Catwomen95, who at just 16 years old is embarking on the path of blogging and is doing a fabulous job of it. Catwomen95 blogs over at “A life worth living” a brilliant blog with some awesome daily pictures posted.

It’s been awesome writing this new blog, as I’m finding that as well as my regular readers over at “A boy with Aspergers” I’m also accruing a whole host of different readers here on a “Mummy of many talents” from all ends of the world and I’m quite enjoying discovering some fab blogs and lovely bloggers along the way.

So here are the rules of accepting the Cherry on top award..

  • First you must Thank the blogger who sent it… “Thank you Catwomen95” 🙂
  • Next you must list three things you love about yourself. Umm, 1) I love that I have made such beautiful children 2) I love that I discovered my love for blogging and stuck with it for the past 3+ years 3) I love that I’m non judgemental… something I’ve learnt to be given I have a child with autism and therefore hate being judged!
  • Next you must post a picture you love (see below)
  • Lastly you must pass this award on to 5 more awesome bloggers (see my chosen five below)!

MY CHOSEN PICTUREYes, to chose a picture was pretty hard as I love many as there more than just pictures, they are beautiful memories. I went with this one as I truly love the colours and the fact it was taken trough glass but still came out so clear, totally amazes me (taken at London Zoo September 2011).

So… I pass this mini award onto these fab, talented bloggers…

  1. Romanian mum in London
  2. Bloggomy
  3. Mummybird
  4. Boo, Roo and Tiger Too
  5. Eviesgran