UPDATE… 4th December 2012

The blog has now been up and running over a year and go incredibly well. We are now working with brands on a regular basis and are happy to do reviews run, competitions and post sponsored content on a Mummy of Many talents

This is currently a very new blog (launched Jan 2012) However it is one connected to my long running and quite successful blog ‘A boy with Asperger’s‘ which has been up and running for over three years and host some fantastic, honest reviews on big named brands and retailers.

It is hoped that this blog grows as successfully as my other blog has done, what with great connections in the world of social media and a fantastic Twitter and Facebook following (amongst other social networks). Mummy of many talents would be open to product Reviews and sponsored post request that are felt to be reverent to the blog, readership and of course, that of my family.

I am a 29 year mother (fast approaching 30) to three children (two sons of 11 and 2 and a daughter of 8). This blog hopes to bring it’s readers a host of articles covering everything from everyday parenting dilemmas, travel, random rants, to women’s health and lifestyle articles.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity to work with one another please contact me at or find me on twitter as @clairelouise82

If you like my style of writing but feel ‘Mummy of many talents’ is not the place for you, please do feel free to check out my signature blog ‘A boy with Asperger’s‘ where you can find all relevant information on the ‘Disclaimer & PR’ page

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