Handmade Valentine Cards

I love making my own cards so what better time then Valentines Day.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

With Love..

You will need

A3 Red Card
A5 Embossed Cream Paper
Lace Paper Trimming
Wire Heart Embellishment
Burgundy & Cream Patterned Heart Embellishment
Small Red and Gold Heart Embellishment
Paper Die Cut Out (With Love)
2x Small White Bow Embellishments
Small Embossed Burgundy Square
Small Silver Square
Pearlised Thin A5 White Paper
Thin Red Craft Wire

Double Sided Sticky Tabs
Decopatch Glossy Glue or Mod Podge
Glue Brush
Strong glue dots

Step 1… Fold red card in half and stick cream embossed paper on the centre of the card using the Decopatch glossy glue.


Step 2… Once stuck cover the entire front of card in a layer of Decopatch glossy glue.

Step 3… After around 15 minutes the glue should be dry. Add the paper lace trimming around the cream paper to create a boarder. Do this by applying Decopatch glossy glue to your trimming, securing in place before finally adding a layer of glue over the top of the trimming.

Step 4…. Add the two white bows, one in the top left hand corner of your cream paper and one on the bottom right corner. Apply directly on top of the lace trimming with a strong glue dot. Finally cover the bow in your Decopatch glue.


Step 5… Add the die cut topper “With Love” to the top centre of the cream paper with Decopatch glue. As always cover the topper with a layer of Decopatch glue.

Step 6… Attach a sticky double sided tab to both your burgundy embossed square and your silver square. First stick the silver square at a slight angle in the centre right hand side of the card. Now stick the burgundy card to the centre of the cream paper at a slight angle so that it slightly laps over the silver square and tilts in the opposite direction like shown.


Step 7… Now stick your burgundy and cream heart embellishment onto your silver card.


Step 8… Thread some red craft wire through your wire heart embellishment. Now place the embellishment on top of the burgundy square and wrap both ends of the wire so they join at the back of the square. Twist together and then secure with a little tap. Your wire heart should now be on your burgundy square dangling from the wire able to move freely.


Step 9… Stick your red and gold small heart embellishment in between the two squares just above where they meet like so.


Step 10… To finish, secure your shimmery white A5 paper to the inside of your card ready to write your chosen message.


And that’s card one complete…


Love Letter

For this card you will need…

Lilic Card
Pearlised Baby Pink Paper
Small Piece Of Hot Pink Card
Hobbycraft Pink Self Adhesive Foam Hearts
Love Tape (Ikea)
Paper Lace Trimming (Ikea)
Lilic Ribbon (Ikea)
Pink Self Adhesive Buttons (Baker Ross Ltd)
Small Piece of Cream Paper
Die Cast Topper Checked Heart (Ikea)

Decopatch Glossy Glue or Mod Podge
Glue Brush
Small Heart Craft Punch
Hole punch


Step 1: Fold the lilic card in half and add pink square to the centre of your card. Do this by applying the Decopatch glossy glue to both sides of the paper (one layer to secure to the card and another layer over the top of the pink card).


Step 2: Cut the pearlised paper in half and use the small heart punch to punch out 4 hearts along the bottom edge of both pieces. Now cut the pearlised baby pink paper into 2 (about 2 cms thick starting above your hearts).

Step 3: Use Decopatch glue to secure the paper lace ribbon to the left side of your card. Glue the ribbon so that it runs from the top of the card to the bottom. This should start a few centimetres from your cards edge and it should run over the top of your pink card. Be sure to add the glossy glue over the top of the paper lace trim as well as the bottom.

Step 4: Add your checked heart so its at a slight angle in the centre of your pink card.

Step 5: Add a plain pink sticky foam heart on top of the checked heart. Be sure it is slightly smaller in size. Then add a sticky lilic spotted heart that is smaller than the pink heart on top of your foam pink heart.

Step 6: Add 4 of the punched hearts to the lace trimming with the Decopatch glossy glue as shown.


Step 7: Add some lilic ribbon so that it boarders the top of your pink square but runs from one side of the card to the other overlapping the lace trimming. Repeat at the bottom of your pink square.

Step 8: add the two strips of heart punched paper on top of your pink square as shown.

Step 9: Add a self adhesive pink checked foam heart at the beginning of your punched strip on top of your lilic ribbon and add a smaller foam checked heart at the end of your other punched heart strip on top of your lilic ribbon as shown.

Step 10: Cut your tape so that you are left with the word “Love”. Add this to your pink card at an angle next to the right hand side of your layered die cut heart. Be sure to add a layer of Decopatch glue over the top of the tape.

Step 11. Add 2 more of the pink punched hears to each end of your tap with Decopatch glue.

Step 12: Cover card in glossy glue and leave to dry for an hour.

Step 13: Once dry apply the two pink buttons to the lace trimming on the middle section (the part that runs over the pink card) like so…


Step 14: Cut white paper to size, punch a row of hearts along the button and use a hole punch on the top left hand corner. Add ribbon through hole, Slightly tilt the card to the left and stick inside your card with glossy glue.

Step 15: Use a red paint pen to write the word ‘Love Note”

And you’re finally finished…


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