Toys R Us Toyologists Review – Hexbug Hive Habitat

If you didn’t know already than you know now.

Myself and the children are official 2012 Toys R Us Toyologists! How cool is that!

Here’s one of our latest reviews by my very gorgeous Little man.

Ok, so first there was my daughter Alice-Sara with her Monopoly Millionaire Review and now it’s the turn of Little man with his review on the Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat.

My son has Aspergers Syndrome and was a child that grew up not playing with many toys as he had difficulties relating to them. However over time his had fun discovering new and exciting toys and I’d say this is one of them. The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat requires the child to use both imagination and logic when designing and building their chosen layout within the habitat.This means that the child doesn’t become bored very easily as they can customise the environment whenever they want to.With the endless possibilities presented to them the child can become very creative with the Hives contents. 16 pegs, 16 adjustable flags, 2 Merry-go-rounds and one seesaw.


The Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat is Hexbugs first transportable environment. It’s very light and easy to carry around. It’s really easy to open and with just the click of two buttons the hive opens out to reveal itself.

Despite the fact it’s plastic the Hive is really well made. It’s a multi level environment, separated by a ramp. Little man got lots of enjoyment out of playing with this toy. His spent hours making different layouts, ones that encourage the extremely rare Mutation up the ramp and onto the top level.

There are a few downfalls that I should mention. The pieces are tiny and due to this the child may have difficulties when building the layout (especially if the child has poor fine motor skills like little man). However, he was able to do this it just took him a little longer than “average”.

Little man pointed out that he felt the suggested age of 3 years was much to young. He states this is because of the small parts and worries a child so young may put these in their mouths. For me I think this depends on the child in question and a parent should be able to reasonably make this judgement when buying the Hexbug Hive Habitat for a child so young. It’s my opinion that a child under 5 may need more parental involvement, especially when it comes to fitting the pecs into the holes located in the habitat. This can be quite tricky the first few times but does seem to get easier as the holes for the pegs expand a little the more you use it.

20120916-184520.jpgLittle man has suggested the special fire effect as to demonstrate just how fast the Hexbug is.

This is a really great set that will interest both girls and boys. The Hexbug itself is really fast, though this does make it a little noisy! It’s powered by vibration and it’s the speed of this vibration that makes it move around the habitat.

We loved how easy the Habitat was to set up and put away. It unfolds quickly and is really compact and light for easy transportation.

The set can also be expanded upon making the overall environment larger. However, remember extension packs are sold separately.

A great idea for Christmas (but watch out… you may find that dad is just as interested in it than the kids)!

Check it out over at Toys R Us


2 thoughts on “Toys R Us Toyologists Review – Hexbug Hive Habitat

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  2. hey g – great review! my son dylan has aspergers aswell. he actually has the same birthday as you but is 1 year younger. he loves hex bugs and iv been trying to think of what to get him for his birthday. now im going to order him one of these as i know he will love it. thanks for your brilliant review an for helping me out.

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